Hilo Shawl

I notice whilst reading through my blog list that quite a few people are mourning the end of the Christmas holiday period, when family return to work and school and everything goes back to normal. Well, I have to say I'm enjoying now more than the Christmas fortnight when we all were laid out with sickness, apart from my husband who was working so much 1. he wasn't around enough to catch the bug and 2. he wasn't around to help me look after sick children / or look after me while I was ill. Now, now I know I shouldn't be moaning or feeling sorry for myself, we did have a nice Christmas with some good times. I'm just saying as it's my husbands most busy time of the year (he's a musician and does 2 or 3 gigs everyday around this time for parties and in old peoples homes etc) it's not really that much of a family time for us.
However, things have quietened down a bit and quite unusually hubby was around today (the first Sunday he has had off for at least a year) so we made the most of it and went out for a family walk together to the Harrold and Odell country park. The weather was okay, but to be honest I was so determined for us to get out that it would have had to have been torrential rain to have made me stay indoors.

We walked around the lake and then had a play in the park. This slide has become the new favourite of my little one as she whizzed down like a bullet (don't worry, he did catch her) and repeated the word 'slide' four million times on the way home in the car.
We enjoyed a 'full english' for our late lunch when we got home and I felt so happy to have spent a good family day together. Hubby and me vowed to make an effort to have more days like these...

The one time over the Christmas period we were together was when we attended the wedding of my husbands friend at Slepe Hall in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. Our present to them was for my husband to provide the disco and live music for the evening, so even though it was like he was working of sorts, we still enjoyed the day together and had a laugh over the record decks choosing which tracks to play.  

Anyway, to make this into a crochet post and not a waffle one here is the shawl I made to wear to said wedding:

It a pattern called the Hilo shawl and is printed in issue 39 of Inside Crochet magazine. The yarn I used was Rowan all seasons cotton (shade 00237) which is a lot thicker than the suggested weight in the pattern. However it made up nice and I like the chunkiness of it. If I remember rightly the colour is called mother of pearl, it's a great description of the pinky peach shade.

I stumbled a few times over the pattern at first but after a while got into the rhythm of it and really started to enjoy the making of this.

The pattern of the stitches reminds me a bit of peacock feathers somehow...

You can see how long it's turned out! Wrapped round me though, a very much bigger subject than my svelte mannequin here, it stretches out more so doesn't drape quite so low.

The day of the wedding was quite cold and it did keep me warm as we posed for the photos in the hotel gardens. My father in law said I looked like a Scottish dancer (!) although I think maybe he meant more of a welsh traditional outfit. Not sure really...

I got the shawl pin free in a magazine some time ago, I can't remember which mag it was, but it really did a good job of keeping the shawl in place, as well as looking rather pretty don't you think?

Did you spot my four star quilt in some of these photos? I'm so out of sync with my makes and sharing them here on my blog, I really must make amends and catch up!! 

'till next time (when I will post about the quilt)...



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