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Hi ho, I cleared the Christmas tree down today. It was the worse tree I have ever had for needle drop (apart from 1997 when I didn't know better and literally had a pine needle carpet - this was before babies came along thank goodness) The tree this year was a potted one so I thought it would stay lush and fresh the whole time it was in the house - noooooo, oh no. It died right there in our front room and quite honestly depressed me and it just had to go - sorry.

On exit it made one last protest at being imprisoned in an alien environment and let go of pretty much every one of it's needles before it was out the door - I was like a demented dustpan and brush lady to clear what seemed like an infestation of those pesky little needles.

I have ordered an artificial tree that was in the sale at christmastreeworlddotcodotuk - it's taking ages to come, but I guess there's no rush.

Now that the festive season is over and all the pressies have been opened I can show you the gifts I'd made. This is relatively a new thing for me - I have always struggled with confidence and thought no-one would really want anything I'd made. However these things seemed to have been well received so  I feel quite happy about that.

I made some "betsy hares" to give to my nieces and great-nieces (hey, that makes me sound ancient!!) The pattern for the hare is originally from Pretty Patches magazine, designed by Helen Philipps, however I made them bigger than suggested, and then made the dress pattern myself. The shawls are half granny-squares and choosing the fabrics and yarn for their outfits was most definitely my favourite part of their 'coming to life' process.

This little sweetie has gone to live in Wales with a very lovely lady.

This is the trusty fireside capelet that I have made twice before - one for me and one for the giveaway I hosted a while back. I love this pattern, really so quick and easy. I thought it would make a great present for my friend Saffron. I saw her Mum in the supermarket today and she complimented me on it - thanks Marion!!  The yarn I used is Drops love you 4, a mix of alpaca, linen and wool - yummy.

and then these little crochet coasters ( I love this pattern so much) a bit of a last minute present for a lady I know through work who has had a bit of a rough year. Sorry about the light in these pics, I wanted to get a photo before I wrapped them and it was early, before work and it was still dark outside.

So I feel good that I made the effort this past Christmas and made some gifts, I will be doing it again next year I think.

'till next time...



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