Getting There...

The last couple of weeks my attention has been very much taken up with family life and getting through bouts of flu and nasty colds. Myself and my husband have both been knocked for six by the dreaded lergy and then also my poor little girl has had what seems at least 2 back to back colds and then suffered awfully as her teeth have cut through. Bless her she really has had it bad and I feel all I've done for ages is administer the Nurofen to help her through. Whoever came up with the idea to provide the measured plastic syringe with this medicine instead of the two-ended spoon as I remember with Calpol when my older children were babies is a bliming genius and should be given an OBE or something! It makes giving the dosage far easier and a lot less messy!

Of course looking after my family is my priority and I always try be there to give cuddles as when needed but having to cope with working and juggling around childcare through half term and just the general soul-destroying guilt of leaving baby when she's feeling rotten because I have to go to work has left me feeling drained. Not to mention getting seriously behind on the housework front, even though my house is certainly never pristine, if I can't keep up with all the jobs things very quickly start to fall apart and life just seems so insurmountable. Throw in teenage traumas and all in all it's been fairly stressful around here!

Right, moan over.

Now things are getting back to normal I can take a minute to appreciate the good things that have been going on. I received an email from the lovely Lorrae who is one of my regular workshop attendees. She has been getting on great with her crochet and asked if I had any patterns for mittens, I pointed her in the direction of Ravelry as there is such a wealth of patterns and inspiration there. I also linked her to Sandra's pattern at Cherry Heart and this is what she decided to make.

Fab aren't they?? Lorrae has made a great job of them and I'm really glad she has found enjoyment in crochet. You know me - always willing to spread the crochet love :o)

Although I haven't been anywhere near my sewing machine to complete the quilt I'm working on (and was hoping to finish by now) I have managed to crochet here and there myself, it is an easy pick - up, put down craft that can fit in and around other stuff. I had found a lonely tea-cup that had lost it's saucer and so I made a little pincushion to sit in it to make it complete again.

This is another of Sandra's patterns that you can find here. Thank you Sandra for being so generous with your tutorials, - I think I owe you a coffee and slice of cake :o)

And then of course, through the dark days of aches and pains, sneezing and snotty tissues came another ray of sunshine. I had won a giveaway hosted by the brilliant Beata of Rosehip. I couldn't believe my luck that I had won, the prize being the new Mollie Makes crochet book that I had been considering buying. The book was sent to me directly from the publisher and it came at just the right time, talk about cheering me up!!

This is such a lovely, colourful book and it really has been a tonic to sit and look through the happy pictures. Beata has her crochet trimmed pillow cases featured in the book which I have long admired as she uses fabulous prints and wonderful colour combinations.

I also love this chevron blanket designed by Ilaria Chiaratti - pretty, pretty colours!!!

The Book People rep had left some samples at work the other day and this book was one of them. They had it priced at £6 but I've just gone on to their website so I could share the link and I notice it's £4.99 there - a must buy!

So thank you Beata for hosting the give-away and to Collins and Brown for the free book. This is the second time I've won a give-away and so now I think it's about time I did one here. I'm going to make it my next post and as it has taken me forever to write this one due to a veeeeerrrry slow computer, my atrocious typing and my inability to form coherent sentences.

So I'm off now to see how works. I will be back soon with my very first betsymakes giveaway, I hope you will pop back then!!

'till next time


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