Free Form Quilting

GAHHH!!! free form quilting, I love the effect but find it sooo hard to do. I have been manically quilting away to get my current patchwork project near completion and so I can switch my sewing machine back to normal setting and crack on with some Christmas gifts I want to make ( not to mention my friends roman blind I need to get done)

I've got the darning foot on, the feed-dog lowered and the stitch length set to zero. I have practised this type of quilting, using many helpful You Tube videos and blog tutorials on the subject trying to perfect my technique.

It's all in the handling. As you meander around the quilt you must make sure your speed (controlled by the foot pedal) and the rate you pull the work through the machine (backwards or forwards or sideways - you can go in any direction with no feed-dog teeth) match. Otherwise the length of the stitches vary, and oh boy do my stitch lengths vary!!!

I find I hold my breath as I sew, my shoulders tense and my head moves in a very weird way, following the pattern of the quilting lines I'm making as if that somehow controls the pattern - it so doesn't of course!

I have come to the end of the quilting stage now and am ready now to bind the edges. Standing back (and maybe squinting a bit) the effect looks good I think. A closer look reveals all those different length stitches and areas where my quilting is denser than in other areas. Certainly not perfect, but by the end I had got slightly better at it than when I started. 

Definitely a technique where practice makes perfect. Well, in my my case I could do with a hell of a lot more practice to get in the vague area of perfection. To even be able to knock on perfections door.

I'm not put off mind and am going to nip in and buy some fabric for my binding after me and baby have been to soft play this morning. Hopefully I will be able to finish off my not-so-perfect quilt next week :o)

'till next time...



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