Strawberry Summer Bag

We might be saying goodbye to summer here and waving as it leaves by the backdoor, but I thought I would try and extend the memory just a little bit longer with my little strawberry bag. The story starts with the latest issue of Mollie Makes and this bag pattern which caught my fancy to make:

It's a great shape don't you think? and the pretty doily on the front is so sweet. I had just the fabric in mind that I'd seen for sale in Singers in town so, while out and about yesterday a picked up a metre for the job.

I love the strawberry print and think it's quite Cath Kidstonesque. The small rose-bud print is something I've had for a while and was delighted that it worked perfectly for the lining and this green yarn of no purpose could now be used for the doily - happy days!!

But then I heard a tiny cry from a half forgotten purchase "wouldn't we go so well with that fabric combination?" and I couldn't disagree that the bag handles bought many moons ago for half-price were a match made in heaven and I just had to use them. But the bag pattern has it's own self-fabric handles - so it's no good any more! and besides the instructions say it needs to be photocopied at 400% which I was finding impossible to do on my little printer, so sorry - services no longer required :-(

So last night, after the dinner,bath,bed routine was over I played around with some pattern paper and made a shape I hoped would work well as a little summer bag. I also crocheted a flower motif in the yarn to see how it would look.

and today, instead of doing things I should've been doing I made up my bag - from start to finish, and am happy with the way it's turned out.

I was really on a mission to make this and I can only think it was because I needed it done before autumn really hit with pumpkins and witches hats and black cats. It needed to be finished as the last whiff of summer leaves our nostrils and we still have slight memories of flip-flops and shorts, although the memory is dimming I hope the luscious plump strawberries evoke enough to make you smile...

and in my urgency I did forget to consider any inside pockets that I like to have but think I probably can attach a loose flappy one without too much difficulty at some point.

I think the pattern could be tweaked a bit to improve the shape at the bottom of the bag but otherwise it's turned out pretty much how I imagined. I will still make the Mollie Makes bag (if I can figure out the 400% enlargement issue), and I think I will do it in gingham as in the picture - it will make a good yarn bag me thinks...

It's funny how sometimes you can start off making one thing, and it ends up becoming something a bit different - but something it's meant to be :-)

'till next time...

PS: I'm tempted to get some more of the fabric to make a summer skirt for next year too, maybe...


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