I've Been Knitting!!

Hi all, hope each and everyone of you are feeling good today. Weather is a bit miserable here but hey-ho - we can still find things to smile about.
Like maybe how I declared not so long ago that variegated / self-striping / colour changing yarn didn't appeal to me in the least. Only to then become quite intrigued by it and mooched the online yarn shops, checking out what's available. There was one that caught my attention, not sure exactly why this one in particular, but for some reason the colours and the promise of the 'fair isle effect' made me fancy having a go at making something - just to see how it would turn out. I know, I just completely contradicted myself!!

I actually didn't order any at the time. It was August and quite sunny and warm and not so much the weather for chunky knitting yarn. BUT THEN I had to make a mad dash over to Barretts in St Neots (the nearest actual store to me that sells Stylecraft Special DK) as I needed some more to finish off the blanket I was making for my daughters birthday. And low and behold there was this exact yarn I had been coveting online in the sale bin!!! I couldn't help thinking it was destiny so I bought 6 balls (any excuse, lol)

I felt that it would work up best knitted rather than crochet, although I am tempted to have a little experiment to see how it would look with crochet stitches, and settled on a scarf for the winter. As I never like the 'wrong side' of stocking stitch I chose to do a wide rib of knit 3, purl 3. Simple as that. My knitting skills don't take me much further than that anyway but I also think it would be pretty pointless doing anything fancy with this type of yarn, it speaks for itself right?

So back and forth I knitted, simple and satisfying and I marvelled how the stripes formed all by themselves - magic! I did wonder if the stitch count was crucial to get the best effect, and if so I don't think I was spot on but still liked the slightly random stripy look I got.

After I'd used up 5 of the balls I bought I decided to stop as the scarf was long enough for me, intending to make some wrist warmers with the remaining ball hopefully. I have to say it's worked out really well and is a lovely scarf to wear, since the weather has turned grim I've had it on a few times.

I'm glad I opened my mind and had a go at something different for me, I've now got a fab scarf and really enjoyed making it too. I think it's great to be able to experiment with all sorts of different yarns and fabric to see what comes out, it's half the fun :o)

'till next time...


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