Have It All Wallet

Hello, hello hello - hope things are going okay for you right now?  Having time to sit and read through my blog list is becoming a bit of a luxury at the moment, and I'm not as up-to-date as I would like to be. When I do get a minute I'm often inspired and amazed at all the fabulous creativeness going on in the world and appreciate bloggers sharing their makes for us all to ooh and aahh over.

One such occasion recently was when the lovely Jessie aka MessyJesse blogged about the wallet she made for herself from a pattern from the Straight Stitch Society via Oliverands.com and I simply could not resist buying the pattern myself and having a go at the have it all wallet!

and actually I had a go at making 3 :o)

one for me

one for eldest daughter

and one for daughter no 2!!

I was unsure I could make as good a job as Jessie had in sewing so neatly but the pattern is excellent with good instructions so this certainly helps with finishing up with something that looks quite professional - even if I do say so myself, mwahhh

I'm rather chuffed at how they turned out - I've surprised myself really!

It was fun choosing the fabrics for the inside and outside - but I guess you could use just one fabric as well.

I love this Michael Miller 'french post' fabric - I've had it for ages and still have a decent amount left. It's probably my most favourite print - closely followed by anything cherry print of course :o)

Just had to have a go at making this cute wallet, easier than I thought it would be. I'm thinking it will make a great Christmas present...

'till next time


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