Trip-a-long Quilt

I have, before being educated by the wondrous internet, wondered what jelly-rolls are good for. Often gorgeous fabrics cut up into narrow strips, what can one make out of that?

Well of course many, many types of patchworks can be started from a jelly roll and because they are sometimes selected from a range of fabrics from the same designer, you have coordinating strips for a happy patchwork pattern.

Because I want to explore the world of jelly roll patchwork and have a few ideas to try out I started with this relatively cheap cotton poplin roll from Ebay with the intention of trying out a scrappy trip-a-long quilt that I admired from the makers of such beauties I've seen around blog land.
And in the process I have learnt a nifty method that speeds up the process and increases accuracy. Rather than cutting up tiny squares and sewing them all together it can be done by strip piecing and joining in a loop, unpicking a small section to have a flat strip but moving on to the next seam on the next piece so the pattern works.

Here is the original tutorial I followed as it's a bit complicated and my words and pictures only explain it to a degree.

After I'd made all the blocks I could get out of the jelly roll I played around a bit to arrange the blocks in a pleasing manner. You can rotate them around 360 degrees so it may mean a bit of re-pressing seams to get them to lie in the direction you need for joining.

I was amazed I managed to get this size out of that one jelly roll.

I then needed to decide on the backing and I'd found some matching poplin at my local quilting shop. 

As the quilting part of any patchwork is not my strength I kept to a simple straight line a foot's width from the seams on every third seam.

And used some binding I'd already got cut from my stash in a lilac gingham.

With it's pretty girlie colours I thought it would make a super gift for the new little niece who came into our family last month and although far too big for a Moses basket it can be used later for her cot bed or as a play quilt to roll about on.

My first attempt at the trip-a-long quilt and I'm happy with my effort. Now I've made this one I can see how placing different fabrics in different ways can give quite different effects. Recently, I read this post by Kristen who has finished her beautiful quilt and she has arranged her blocks in a less random way and has achieved a fabulous diamond pattern which I love!! (gorgeous crochet included here  as well- take a look)

'till next time...


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