Crochet Gifts

I have been enjoying making gifts for friends. This first is a blanket ordered by a cat (well the cat's Mum who I work with). I was inspired by the blankets designed by the super talented Maaike who sells pattern and kits in her Etsy shop called creJJtion.. The one that caught my eye was crocheted squares joined in a pattern to look like gingham fabric. As the cat's favourite colour is red I dug out some red gingham fabric from my stash to copy the pattern and match yarn colours.

The way gingham fabric is weaved makes the squares come in 3 shades of colour and then a neutral square, I've used white in this case. I feel it is important to get your shades right here as otherwise it may just look like a colourful patchwork. I used Stylecraft Special DK (again) in shades white, lipstick, pomegranate and pale rose - and I think it worked quite well!

I found the join-as-you-go method works really well with these type of granny squares and the border was made with a quick check of Sandra's fabulous granny patches border tutorial

I understand cat did like the blanket, but my friend's granddaughter seemed to think it would be better to use for her dollies in their pram :o)

For another friend at works birthday present I decided to have a go at a vintage style potholder, I've seen so many in blogland and on Instagram but of course you may remember I won one from the lovely memerose (sadly no longer blogging) on a giveaway she was holding. This is my post about it here.

I can't link to any pattern as such as I kind of made this up a bit. Not entirely though as the rose is from Jan Eatons waterlilly square (with teeny adaptation) and then I just made the rest up. Sorry this is not helpful if you'd like to make one yourself, but here is the original pattern which is similar.

An interesting back view - lol.

I love the scarlet and lime colours here, they stand out so well from the white. Patons smoothie DK is the yarn I used (white, red and lime). Looking back at these photos makes me want to make one for myself, maybe in my peachy yarn??

'till next time...


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