Pincushion Jars

I've been having a play with the jars that are for making your own jam and preserves. I've put them to a different use though...

They are the type with the lids that come in 2 pieces, I've spray painted the outer screw ring.

I covered the inner disc with some fabric and stuffing and it makes for a pretty pincushion jar, don't you think?

For something a bit different I crocheted a flower motif in fine cotton and gathered together the bits and bobs for another jar.

It's now added to my collection :0)

I quite like how the layered crochet flower one turned out.

I've also been doing a bit of cross stitch - this is my favourite jar. I love the font on this lettering design, I have the whole alphabet charts, from here.

a very fun, quick and happy project!!

'till next time...



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