Patchwork Cross-Stitch Rose Design Quilt

I can be accused of dragging my feet with this, it's taken me sooooo long to finish. I can't remember when I started but Instagram says I posted the first photo 21 weeks ago, that's November last year time...

It all started when I bought a cross-stitch chart from the Making Spot so I could paint a design on my wall. This worked really well although I can never, ever get a good photo of it.

I then made what the pattern was designed for - a tea-cup pincushion.

But my creative mind was beavering away and presented me with an idea. How about using the design for a patchwork quilt, a patch of fabric for every cross stitch?

I really wasn't sure if the idea would work, but I raided my stash anyway and found the colours that I thought would work and set about cutting tiny 5cm squares. I broke the chart down into 16 blocks, all with 100 squares each.

and I sewed and pressed and arranged the squares 'till all the 16 blocks were done.

I had to have the chart at hand to make sure I followed the pattern correctly. On their own each block pattern didn't make much sense, it's only when they are altogether, and you see the finished quilt that the picture is revealed!

I mused over how to quilt for a while, finally deciding on hand-quilting with embroidery thread around the shapes and colours. I used a hoop at first but found it a bit awkward so went without it.

I dotted some lazy-daisies around, I loved doing these.

The quilting part was where I stumbled, which is ALWAYS the case with me. For some reason it's the bit I least enjoy so am more likely to be distracted. I'd tidied it away at one point and it was all a bit 'out of sight, out of mind'. My quilting hasn't been executed as well as I would've liked, certainly it could be smoother and my stitching could be more even, however it doesn't bother me too much - I guess I'm not that much of a perfectionist after all. I will give myself 10 out of 10 for my piecing though - I'm chuffed that pretty much all of the (many) seams match!

And then the other day I suddenly was 'feeling the vibe' again (as my husband would say) and picked it up to continue the quilting - and I just flew with it, finishing last night after tea at the Toby carvery.

Here is the finished article draped over our garden bench, but you can't really see the pattern that well, can you?

There you go.... in all it's glory!! 

I took the photos in the garden in the attempt to get the best light.

I am tickled pink my idea worked. I really, really love it sooo much and am quite proud I've designed and made it. Is that ok to say?
It has no where to live right now, if my craft area had a big enough wall I would hang it on display there, but alas there isn't the space.

So it will be folded away for now, but I will have a think about where it's going to take residence.

'till next time....


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