Sun Hats, Fun Hats and tutorial!!

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I have been manically busy for the last few weeks, mainly due to being away for the half term week on our family holiday. We are so lucky to have spent the week in Cala Galdana, Menorca, a lovely gentle resort that's great for families. Taking all 6 of us away (even though it was only for 7 days) was a mammoth operation and I started the packing a week before we were due to leave! There seemed to be so much to think about and remember, and, as our departure date drew closer quicker than you could say API or EHIC there was still a few things I wanted to get done.

I'd made a sun hat pattern for my baby girl a while ago but had not got round to making the hat as the weather had been quite grotty and there was no need for one. However I wanted something to take away with us to keep the sun off baby's face and shade her a bit, and there is nothing like a deadline to get me on the case! I took some photos as I went along so if you know of a small head that needs shading you might want to have a go at making one yourself :-)
First of all you will have to take some measurements. You need head circumference and a measurement from top of head to just above the ears - good luck with this, if the baby you are measuring is anything like my daughter then she will grab the tape measure from you before you even get close to getting an accurate figure!! I have given the measurements I used in the instructions so you can base it on that if you want - it is size 12 months approx.

Pattern and Cutting Out:

You will need: paper, pencil, ruler, tape measure, scissors, sellotape and then your main fabric for the hat and also some lining fabric - 100% cotton is probably best for this.

Measurement A is head circumference plus 1.5cm – mine is 48cm
Measurement B is crown height (top of head to just above ears) – mine is 13cm
Measurement C is brim width – mine is 4cm

Draw a isosceles triangle where base is measurement A ÷ 6 (mine worked out as 8cm) and height from base to tip is measurement B (mine 13cm)

Make sides curved keeping points the same (fold pattern in half to get the sides to match). The curved line comes out approx. 7mm from straight line - see picture. Add 1cm seam allowance all around and cut out pattern, cut 6 of this pattern from your main fabric and 6 in your lining fabric. These are your crown pieces.

For the brim cut a rectangle in paper measuring 4cm by the measurement A ÷ 4 (mine worked out as 12cm) and mark 3 lines evenly spaced – see picture. Cut up these lines from one long edge almost but not quite to the other long edge, leave it joined by about 1mm. Fan the cut edge out to achieve a curved edge that measures approx. 4cm longer than the joined long edge(the gaps between the sections are about 1.3cm each). As you are working on a quarter of the brim, by adding in 4cm here you will be making the total outer brim edge 16cm bigger than the total inner brim edge. Fold another piece of paper in half (I have used blue paper so you can see what I'm doing better) and put one short edge of your brim piece up to the fold. Stick this in place with some sellotape and then fan out the rest of the piece to achieve your curved edge, sticking the sections down as you go.

Add a seam allowance around this piece - 1cm on inner edge and sides and 6mm on outer edge, and then cut out. As you have done this on the fold of the paper you will then be able to open it out to give you one half of you brim. See picture below. You need to cut 2 of these in your main fabric and 2 in your lining fabric.

Ok, so pattern made - I hope my instructions are not too difficult to follow. Hopefully you have also cut out your pattern pieces in the fabric you have chosen, just to confirm you need need 6 crown sections in your main fabric and also 6 in your lining fabric and you need 2 brim pieces in your main fabric and also 2 in your lining fabric.

Making Up:

Sew your crown pieces together. I found it easier to sew 3 together for one half, 3 together for the other half and then sew these 2 halves together in one seam. Do the same for your lining pieces and the have a little try on to make sure your pattern fits ok.

Next join your brim pieces at the side seams taking 1cm seam allowance.

Press your seams open as you go. Next, with right sides together, sew your brim to your lining brim on the outer edge, taking a 6mm seam allowance. Open the seam out and from the right side top-stitch close to the seam on the lining side, like this:

Then fold the lining into the brim and press flat - you should have a ring shape brim.

Okay, so now you need to attach the brim to the crown of your hat. Pin together, matching side seams ( leave the crown lining to one side for the moment) and sew these bits together with a 1cm seam.

Next, take your crown lining and press under the 1cm seam allowance all around the edge as shown:

I chose to attach my lining to the hat by hand sewing as I think it gives a neater finish. Feel free to machine it on if you are a super-duper neat machinist! Pin it on first, matching the seams and then sew along the edge, catching the row of machine-stitching that joined the brim to the hat.

There you go, a nice neat finish to the inside of your hat!! :-)

And of course you need to embellish it, don't you?? With a bit of crochet maybe??

This little flower is a magic ring with 10 dc worked into it. Join round with a slip-stitch and *in next stitch make 5 trebles and then slip-stitch into next stitch. Repeat this (from *) 4 more times to give you 5 petals and then join round with a slip-stitch into slip-stitch of first round. Weave in you ends and sew onto your hat, yay!!

Because the pattern is already made you may as well make another one!! The crochet leaf pattern can be found here (thanks Lucy )

and so now we're ready for the beach! Let the sun shine!!

If you decide to make this I hope you enjoy it and it works out ok. Please respect my work and don't reproduce it as your own. If you show it on your blog please link back to me here, and I don't mind you using my photos if you credit me on them, except this last photo of my little one - please don't copy or pin this particular picture - thanks!!

Oh well, back to the heaps of washing that I need to get through, 

'till next time....


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