Rainbow Picnic Blanket

Hello, can I first say a big thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes you have left via the comments bit - it really does mean a lot and I apologise for not responding individually this time - things are manic around here (I'm convinced somebody has pressed the fast-forward button) but I know that it's the same for most of us and I also know that you lovely lot all understand about hectic lives, so here's to trying to keep up, just about winging it and smiling through regardless :-)

So when you see the picture above with the fabby rainbow colours are you not drawn in to the yarn? Wanting it. Needing to make something?

So I find myself being unable to resist the bright, happy colours as they caught me on the first dreaded Tesco shop after our holiday. We needed supplies and hating supermarket shopping at the best of times I dragged myself down to the store and as I made my way to the bananas the magazine rack beckoned. I know the craft magazines are expensive and the 'free' yarn isn't free at all when you consider the cost of the mag but I was vulnerable with my post holiday blues so I was a prime target for the allure of the happy holiday cover and yarn gift and I did succumb.

This is the little picnic blanket I made using the expensively free yarn and the pattern in Knitting and Crochet, pattern by Jackie Carreira.

It's perfect to use for our park visits. I shove it in the bottom of the buggy and am happy to plonk it down so baby can sit and play. The yarn itself, although wonderful colours is pretty rubbish so I'm not precious about this one at all - and that kinda makes it fit for it's purpose, if you know what I mean?

I used the same design but made mine bigger which entailed buying the magazine again to get more yarn!! Yes, yes I know I'm an idiot but it would've been a super tiny blanket otherwise, and as it is it only measures 66cm x 56cm not including the tassels.

It is a quick and easy granny stripe, 10 rows before a colour change and 4 rows in white each end. I gave the second magazine to my sister who loves to crochet and knit too. I do actually love this little blanket despite my feelings of wasting money buying 2 magazines and yarn kits. 

Yes, it's a fun thing to have and very pleasing to the eye - so not such a waste really. Are you ever tempted with the free gifts on all the craft magazines? 

It's nice to have the door open and feel the summery breeze and hear the birds sing today, the sun is shining down and it's a pleasant temperature. 

I'm enjoying and appreciating this calm moment - 'cos I know things will go mad again!!

take care everyone....

'till next time...



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