My week....

Hello my dears, I do hope you are all well and happy. 

It's fair to say this past week has been hectic for me. I have been on high alert dealing with all that life has thrown at me - several mini disasters that have left me and my hubby feeling quite exhausted!!

But I don't want to bring you down with all my boring old problems (they are all sortable, nothing serious and we will get through :-)

Because also this week there has been some really wonderful happenings too - and the contrast with the crappy parts only highlights the good bits more!!

My birthday yesterday brought loads of lovely pressies and cards from friends and family - all those good wishes coming in concentrated form made me feel very warm and fuzzy inside :-)

Flowers and gifts from friends, my daughter choosing a blue and white jug to add to my collection, 

and my very generous husband treating me to a set of Tulip Etimo Rose crochet hooks that I have been lusting after for ages.

How can I not feel blessed with all the love surrounding me?

The other morning baby woke at 4:15am, yikes!! - she normally sleeps straight through. However after a cuddle she settled back down to sleep, but I didn't and what did I do instead of sleep?
Yes I crocheted a tricolour block from the book 200 crochet blocks by Jan Eaton - like you do.

Actually I am rather pleased with this as I had attempted this pattern a while ago and just could not get past round 2!  But in the watery morning light I sat near the window and READ THE PATTERN PROPERLY and Ta-Da!! I conquered it, yay!!

I have only made this one but it has come out really well so I'm thinking of making some more to sew together for a small table runner / place mat type thing, what do you think???

The other amazing thing of this week was meeting for the first time a very special lady who I hope I can remain friends with. As it happens I don't live too far from the sweet and lovely Sandra and we met for coffee and chatted about our shared interests for a couple of hours. I enjoyed her company immensely and  am looking forward to meeting up again.
I'm very fortunate to have had the opportunity to connect in real life with her as well as in the blogasphere :-)

'till next time....



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