Crochet Cushion with love....

Howdy ho, is it sunny where you are?? I thought the weather might be a bit better today but it's a bit overcast and slightly windy, could be worse so I can't complain.

Today I have some pictures of a cushion I've crocheted for a friend, a friend I've known for 15 years - we met at the anti-natal classes we attended with our first babies. They are teenagers now of course and both taller than their mothers!
My friend has her own gardening business. She's always so busy which of course is a good thing. She has a very artistic side as one can tell from how she decorates her house, especially at Christmas - her festive decorations are to die for!! I know when she gets commissioned to do some garden design she's in her element, her plant knowledge and eye for colour means she's able to put together wonderful border designs, full of healthy happy plants :-)

For the past couple of summers, for reasons far too depressing to talk about here, I have not felt like doing any gardening. However, things are different now and although I don't have a lot of time and by no means expert skills I have enjoyed working away to get our outside space a bit more presentable. I'd asked my friend some time ago for her help. At the same time she needed some curtains made for her front room, so we were able to swap our skills and help each other out. She bought her fabric, I bought my plants ( well she choose them, I paid for them) and we made a note of how much time we both spent working on each others projects. Spookily we'd spent a similar amount of money each and also a similar amount of time - her digging and planting, me cutting and sewing so it worked out to be a fair and very satisfying skills trade.

This is the border that I wanted planing and this picture was taken shortly after her first session. Not very exciting at this point! The cold weather at the beginning of the year wasn't good for the plants and they hibernated underground a bit longer than usual.

Since then the temperatures have improved and the sun has shone. The plants have started to grow and show their beauty and each time I look there is something else growing and blossoming and it's been a joy to watch the changes over the weeks.

As a thank you I decided on this cushion for my friend. The colours chosen to fit in with her scheme. I used stylecraft special dk yarn in cream 1005, grey 1099, silver 1203, plum 1061, grape 1067 and pale rose 1080 and the rosie posy granny square pattern from lovely Sandra's blog (I'm still so in love with this pattern)

Simple button opening. . .

and a plain back.

Not colours I usually go for but I think they work really well and I must admit I do rather like the way it's turned out!!

Spookily again, the colours are not dissimilar to the planting scheme!

I hope my friend likes her cushion, and the colours go well in her front room as I hope and have imagined they might.

This pattern is what I'm teaching at my workshop next week so if you live in the Bedford area and would like more info drop me a email (see workshop tab at top of page) I also have a very, very, very special guest attending, but if you want to know who it is, well you'll have to come to the workshop!!

'till next time....


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