Pastel Mandala

What does one do when, while watching The Voice on Saturday, one has an urge to crochet a mandala, or doily as I prefer to call it?

Well, I guess one opens up issue 5 of Simply Crochet magazine on page 57, grabs a size 3.5mm hook and some Sirdar Snuggly babycotton dk in shades: cotton bud white 157, bo peep pink 156, impish 150, lemon cups 154, soft lilac 153 and goes with the urge.

No point fighting it.

It makes the spotty blue jug filled with blossom complete, don't you think?

No, no point fighting the urge, better just to go with it and have fun!

Thanks to Wink for the pattern - some different techniques in there I hadn't used before.
And the yarn is wonderful, I love it. I hope Sirdar bring out some new colours soon, mid-tones would be great :-)

'till next time.....


  1. Hello Sam, your doily is absolutely beautiful, (as are the flowers and jug) and the pale colours stunning. I think I will have to try out your yarn.

  2. Yes just good with the flow, or hook! It's great :) x

  3. That is so beautiful. I love the soft colors!

  4. Dot's and doilies what a winning combination... Sarah x

  5. Caroline Saunders3 May 2013 at 11:45

    That is gorgeous! I never knew I wanted a pastel crochet doily, until now!! xx

  6. Very pretty. Lovely soft colours. xx


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