Big Circles Throw

The day has finally come....yay, all done!!!

My big circles throw - finished, YES!!

It all started back in mid January. The weather was dreadful with snow causing havoc and disruption. Schools weren't opening so the children were home. As well as that we had an unwelcome house guest lurking - a flu virus type thing that laid everyone up for a few days.

I hadn't been out of the house in days and I was getting cabin-fever. Normally I'm happy to potter around at home but I just needed to escape for a while. Saturday came and with it some respite. The older girls were at gym and dance and my son was playing at a friends house, things felt a bit back to normal. I decided to take a trip out to Wilstead to visit Helen at All Stitches as I remember she was having a sale in January. There was still plenty of snow around but luckily for me the shop was open, whew.

Being a dreadful Mother I left baby in the car as she was sleeping (ok so I was parked right near the shop door and kept popping out to check). This meant I was able to have an enjoyable mooch and lovely chat with Helen who was as usual very helpful. I spied a basket of Louisa Harding Aimee yarn at reduced price and I pounced! Gorgeous, gorgeous colours and such soft yarn made of 90% cotton and 10% cashmere at £2.50 per 50 grams!

I couldn't resist.

and I knew what I wanted to make with it too. Only a few days earlier I had come across this brilliant tutorial that Kate had on her blog and I really wanted to try it out.

The pattern is simple and effective so it was easy to speed ahead. The yarn is lovely to work with and the beauty of it comes out when it's worked up. I used a size 3.5mm hook and I joined the squares as I went along - a method that works well when the outer colour of all the squares is the same.

As usual, once the initial excitement of starting something new wears off, I do deviate to other projects and don't concentrate on one thing at a time, it's just the way I am, so it's taken a while to get it finished but it has been a pleasure to pick it up here and there and make another square or two until I had made 48 (6 x 8).  I had established the finished size early on by seeing how many squares I could make from one 50g ball of the cream (8) and working out how many I could get out of the amount I had bought. I also weigh at intervals to see how much I've used over so many squares which gives me an idea of how far the yarn will stretch.

Last weekend when the weather was glorious I worked on the border whilst sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

The border was determined by the amount of yarn I had left but I truly love my colourful edging and am very happy that it suits the rest of the throw.

The soft, gentle yarn gives my throw stunning drape-ability with a fluid feel to it.

It really was a pleasure to make and I enjoyed every minute of it. I didn't heed my own advice of dealing with the ends as you go and left them all to the end. At first I was quite stoical about the task, it is all part of the process after all but I must admit that after a while the satisfaction of 'tidying up' the back of the throw and weaving in over 680 ends grew very tedious indeed and I had to force myself not to give up. But really it wasn't that bad, it helps that I absolutely adore it and was keen to finish.

Major sense of satisfaction and pure delight at having this done.

The above picture is of the back to prove I have done all the ends, lol!!

I think I have gone over the top with me photies, he he :-)

It measures 106 x 136cm aboutish. I don't know colour names but the codes are: Cream 01, Green 05, Gold 06,  Turquoise 15, Purple 16 and Raspberry 17.

I hope you are having a fun creative time, thanks for the visit,

'till next time....

PS I have installed Disqus comment box and it deleted all past comments:-( Thanks to all who left comments for me, I love that you take the time to do that. The reason for using Disqus is so hopefully it's easier for you to leave comments and also so I can respond to them easier as it asks for email addresses that I can use to get back to you. Fingers crossed anyway, take care Sam xx


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