Bank Holiday Happiness...

Well hello, how's yous???
My return to work has gone smoothly, thanks for asking. I have slotted back into the routine quite easily. After hearing me explain to a customer how to go about getting married (the legal side of things that is, not the meeting Mr Right, falling in love with him, pretending to be surprised when he proposes and living happily ever after bit - no can't give advice there I'm afraid, lol) No, when my boss heard me explain the legal process of getting married to a lady on the phone she said 'Ah Sam, it's like you've never been away' and so I took that as a compliment and realised how nothing really changes and took comfort from that :-)
No work for me today though as it's a bank holiday here and weirdly the weather has been gorgeous. Dear hubby has been working though as usual so it's been just me and the children but we have had such a wonderful day. We didn't jump in the car and head for the coast, neither did we take a picnic to a local beauty spot, we just hung out at home and enjoyed each others company. Yes I know, even more weird than sunshine on a bank holiday is the fact that there has been no squabbles or fights and everyone has contentedly filled their day with simple pleasures that has amounted to one happy bank holiday.

My eldest daughter baked some biscuits as presents for her friends.....

As she'd made a few extra we all had one and middle daughter decorated hers with raspberries and icing sugar for that sophisticated vibe!

I made a white chocolate and raspberry tray bake. Such a simple and delicious recipe given to me by a friend. This cake won't last long!

My boy spent hours making paper planes and flying them from his bedroom window and we all loved being in the garden, listening to music and enjoying the sunshine. My efforts of having a tidy out there have paid off and it's been lovely to sit out.

I sat on the bench working on the border of my big circles throw.

Taking close-up photos using an up-turned washing basket as the background. It's finished now all but the ends so I will be able to show you how's it's turned out soon.

I also won this milk jug on Ebay for £5 and as the seller lives not far from me I was able to collect it in person rather than pay the horrendous Royal Mail postage costs.

Fits in well on my kitchen windowsill with Daisy and the other bits :-)

I don't know if it sounds silly but I've really enjoyed today, with the simple pleasures and the children's company. My baby saying 'ma, ma, mummy' and the others playing with her and making her laugh.

My life isn't perfect, there is plenty of room for improvement in quite a few areas, but today it has felt perfect. I feel very, very lucky and very, very happy!!

                                    'till next time ( and sorry if it's been a bit cheesy)......



  1. Sam I just LOVE your crochet! :) x

  2. The crochet is beautiful. It is indeed the simple things in life that give us the most pleasure. We spent the weekend, painting, gardening and sitting in the sunshine. It was just nice to be together without the daily pressure of work. Sarah x

  3. Not cheesey lovely- love your crochet x

  4. Hi Sam,

    I'm so pleased your return to work went smoothly. Such mouthwatering biscuits, and I LOVE,LOVe your crochet and milk jug. Such simple pleasure but so enjoyable.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day and I'm glad that getting back to work has gone smoothly!

    S x


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