Hello there, how's your ebb and flow?

As I've got older I have learnt to understand that life does ebb and flow, all things have their time and all things pass. Sometimes I'm glad to leave certain events in the past, other times I wish I could conjure times up to live again. Joy and pain, sunshine and rain.

My week has been so full of different emotions for me that I sort of don't know where to start, my mind is a tangle of emotions and thoughts, some good, some bad. But this week is an end of an era for me, I feel like it's the end of the holiday, 6 o'clock, on the dot....

I did get a long awaited job done at the start of the week (hence the title) I got around to painting the sweet little bookshelf I'd bought for my baby's room back in December (I think) It was from Carlos and they have them in the store as bare wood and you can choose what type of wax finish you want. All the finishes look the same to me but I wanted it painted anyway and as that wasn't an option they offered, I decided I would do it myself and so took it away as was. It then lived in the bedroom, still covered in bubble-wrap until a few days back when I rolled up my sleeves and cracked on.

It has come out ok, looks better in the photo than close up. The paint I used was the one coat stuff, I prefer the quick-dry paint that I used for the old stools I'd painted as this stuff was a pain to use. I tried to get it finished Sunday evening but as the light was so bad I didn't realise I had missed bits and so I really could do with rubbing down and painting on another coat. I'll get a roundtoit. Again.

On Monday I attended a funeral. Although not really very close to the deceased I wanted to pay my respects as he was a lovely, kind and gentle man. A real goodun. I was sad to see his immediate family upset and by my being there was my way of showing them love. It was held in a pretty church, in a village not far and |I can tell you it was bitterly cold standing by the grave :-(

The weather has since improved and the sun has been out. In fact it has felt quite summery this week and I've been out in the garden more. I am, at best, a fair weather gardener. Last year while pregnant I flatly refused to do any gardening at all but things do need a tidy up so I think it's time to get my hands dirty!

It is lovely to see everything coming into bloom all of a sudden. Mother nature seems to be playing catch-up since the very cold weather at Easter. I think that's a Camellia bush in the photo. It's pretty whatever it is.

And this is the blossom tree that I used the branches for my Easter display. Would've been gorgeous if the blossom had bloomed back then, right?

Tuesday evening I held a crochet workshop at Fancy, and during the day I busied myself getting ready - typing out the pattern and drawing the chart.

 It was the most popular and busy one I've done. I knew I was a bit over-subscribed but it's hard to say no sometimes, isn't it? It indeed was hectic and I was exhausted after dashing from one group to the next to show people how to do the stitches and where to stick their hooks, lol. My sister and one of my daughters were on hand to help and so that eased things well. And then, about half way through the evening, it seemed to 'click' for a lot of people and lots of granny squares were held in the air with the exclamation of 'by Jove I've got it!' - so happy was I to hear those words!

Crafting wise I've not done so much. I've drifted from one long-term project to another. Crochet to quilting and back to crochet.

These two crochet lovelies have set up permanent residence near my favourite spot on the sofa and I've done little bits to both of them.

I have also been doing a spot of stitching on my rose quilt.

I've had a go at patching up my son's jeans. Normally I would just buy some more ( he grows out of them so quick anyway) as I hate this kind of sewing - the words 'repairs and alterations' sends shivers up my spine, but as almost every pair of trousers he owns has holes in the knees I thought I should sort it out.

I've also made a sunhat pattern for baby - hopefully it will work out ok ;-)

So that's a peek at my busy week. Why an end of an era?

Because after 10 months of maternity leave I return to work.

If I had the choice I would be a stay at home Mum. But I don't have the choice. I work part-time and I do like my job so it's not all bad. Less time for crafting and that includes blogging but I will still make sure I fit it some hooking and stitching here and there and show you the piccies when I can!

In actual fact I started this post on Thursday evening, the day before I went back to work but I didn't finish it. Now it's Sunday morning and after my first 2 days back I realise it's not that bad and the Registration service doesn't change much, in fact it feels like I have never been away!

I think it will take a few weeks to adjust to the new and busy routine of life as it is now but all will be well and when all gets hectic and mayhem rules out I will hide away with my crochet hook and tell everyone not to disturb me as I'm undergoing therapy!

                                                        'till next time.....


  1. You'll soon find your pace again don't worry! Just blog as and when you can! :) x

  2. Thank you Sam for showing us your week in pictures. I love your little bookshelf and patchwork cushion. Your crochet makes look stunning. I'm like you with repairs, and instead of throwing the jeans out use the demin for patchwork - I do. At work Sam just go with the flow until you are settled, and blog as and when you can.

    Take care

  3. Sam you are wise - life is better if you accept the endings and the beginnings. It is hard to go back to work - I'm still trying not to after 10 years! But then hopefully, with a lot of hard work, I can have a second bite at the cherry of being a stay at home mum...
    Your crafting is beautiful and I look forward to seeing more, not less of it! No pressure of course : )

  4. You've been busy indeed! I'm curious to see how the sun hat works out, I fancied a go at making one of those :)

    S x


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