Rosie Posy Tea Cosy

Sharing a cup of tea is a treasured family tradition of ours as I'm sure it is with millions of other families.  I often make mine directly in a mug but love the ritual of making it in the pot too.

We made a visit to my brother and his family in the school Easter holidays and it was so lovely to spend time with them and share a pot of tea.

My brother has an old vintage book with all sorts of housekeeping instructions and tips. I should have taken more notice when it was written and published (and even noted the title!) but I'm guessing early 20th century? Anyway he showed me a section on how to make a good pot of tea and we mused over how one should always use a 'cosy'.

As it was my brothers birthday yesterday I felt a crochet cosy was in order. The colours of blue and yellow were set so to match with his kitchen and as I am soooo in love with the Rosie posy granny square pattern by the talented Sandra (find pattern here) that I was silly giddy with the fact that I could use it for this project AND it rhymes with the item's name!! Childish delight I know but Rosy Posy Tea Cosy ??? ---- so perfect it had to be done :-)

Stylecraft Special in colours: saffron, denim and cream is the yarn I used and after making 4 squares, joining 2 pairs together I then made up the rest of the pattern with half trebles to fit the teapot I have that is similar to the one my brother uses.

I used a matching button as the fastening under the handle.....

and finished the top edge with a shell pattern.

A very satisfying and useful project that came together quickly and successfully! 

I'm very glad to report the my brother loves his tea cosy and it has been in use already.

'till next time.....


  1. A stunning tea cosy Sam. The colours and pattern are gorgeous.

  2. I always make tea in a pot as I have a bag of Yorkshire and a bag of Earl Grey. Loving the Rosy posy tea cosy ... Sarah x

  3. Love your tea cozy, I will surely make one for myself.
    Greetings :)

  4. Now there's a very happy teapot! :) x


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