My Monster Cushion

Well hello there, how are you?
Well, I hope, we are all ok here.
It's still the school Easter holidays and I have to confess some lolling is occurring but I do manage to get everyone out of the house for a park visit, a bike ride or maybe a walk to the green for some fresh air and exercise at some point during the day now the weather has turned a bit milder. I generally like to keep busy myself so as to keep on top of things and if you read my last post you will know I was very productive on Saturday and had a bit of a 'finishing' kinda day project wise. I had weaved the ends in on my giant granny square blanket but also, as my postman had delivered some fabric that morning that I had ordered I was also able to finish off my 'monster cushion'.

There is a reason why I call it that, not really the size although its fairly large at 48cm square. It's because I bought the yarn used from Monster Yarns, a new online yarn store run by Judit who lives not too far from me.

It all started back in February when my friend asked me if I knew of Monster Yarns and as I hadn't at the time I just had to Google the name. I couldn't find anything apart from a registered business address but then my friend said the online store was opening that weekend so I made a mental note to check it out again. So that Saturday when I no doubt should've been doing something else my curiosity got the better of me and I googled again, this time to find the website straight away.

I scrolled through the pages, delighted to view many gorgeous yarns, at reasonable prices and by a make I had never heard of. (I actually like that as I think it's exciting trying out new things to see what it's like). And so, because I like to support local businesses (and not because I am addicted to buying yarn) I placed a bit of an order (coy face).

Rather embarrassingly it turned out I was the first customer! This won me a free pair of knitting needles ( will use them soon) and as Judit was sitting at the time in my friends coffee shop the connection was made and emails were sent and the very next day I was invited around to Monster Head Quarters to pick up my yarn and face temptation of all the stock that sat in gorgeous piles, ready and willing to be squeezed and felt and appreciated.

My order consisted of Ice Pure Alpaca in various colours: gold, light green, candy pink, fuchsia pink, light pink, light blue and navy. I had the idea to add it to my stash that is intended for a future large blanket but when I got home I found it didn't really sit well with what I had already ( I should've known). So what shall I use it for?  It sat a while in my craft area and I pondered on hexagons or maybe a few ripples?

And then, a few weeks later, while thinking about Judit coming to my crochet workshop (she's an amazing knitter by the way and teaches knitting herself but feels she would like to brush up on her crochet skills) I thought it would be great if she could bring some of her yarn with her to the workshop so others could have a nosey. And of course I should make up my Ice yarn into something as an 'example', that's when the idea of a patchwork cushion came to mind and that was that, decision made.

Lots of little 2 round granny squares, joined as I went (as it were) using all the colours (of course) to make up this fun cushion. I did find the yarn on the fine side and it felt a bit fiddly, probably because I had just finished using chunky yarn so I doubled it up and off I went, and I loved it!!

I didn't have enough to make a back as well so this time I used navy fleece for the reverse and little wooden effect buttons sewn with the coloured yarns to close the opening.

I really enjoyed crocheting this cushion but I love it more now it's finished. It looks great with my ripple blanket and I'm pretty chuffed with the button opening.

So if you are coming to my April workshop don't forget your pennies as you will be tempted to buy some yummy yarn and if not check out the Monster Yarns website  ( see my side bar too) where you can place an order (postage costs are very reasonable)

'till next time.....


  1. Hello Sam

    I LOVE, LOVE your cushion. You must have so much patience to crochet so many two round granny squares, but they are just brilliant. I love the colours and the idea to back it with fleece, gorgeous warmth on both sides LoL. What a brilliant temptation to have a yarn shop near home.

  2. It's beautiful, I really like the button closing, what a fab idea. Sarah x

  3. Your cushion is beautiful and a very impressive example for your workshop. I'm sure they will love it too. :)

    S x

    Ps I replies to your email, I hope it's not too late for your class plans.

  4. Another beautiful crochet project! And so gorgeously even - anything that isn't round or hexagonal has always completely evaded me.

    Thank you so much for using my yarn.
    I'm really looking forward to learning to crochet granny squares.

  5. Ooo so pretty! I'm incredibly jealous you have a crafting area, my area consits of our horrible old sofa (saving for new ones), and a clear ikea tub that has to get packed away into a childproof area every day when I'm finished! I don't even have a pretty case for my crochet hooks (yet).

    I really want to master a cushion cover, but the buttons frighten me, and I haven't used my sewing machine in years. I also have a horrible feeling all the bobbins were mislaid during our house move 2 years ago.

    Laurelin :-) xxx


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