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I've been very productive today. Not only have I done several wash loads, vacuumed and washed the floors, cleaned out the guinea pig, cleaned the bathrooms, taken the smallies to the park, sorted a huge pile of re-cycling rubbish and done general tidying duties I have also completed not one, not two, but three projects!!!

Now obviously not one of the projects in question were started today (I can't remember when I started one of them). No, just finished. But I guess when you have many, many things on the go at the same time, it's not such a coincidence that some reach completion together.

The first to get done this morning was my giant granny square, I sat and weaved in the ends as I psyched myself up to do those floors. I started this a few weeks back initially as a test, because when I make granny squares of 4 or 5 rounds they sit nice and flat but I've noticed that the bigger they get the more likely they are to twist slightly and have that 'windmill' effect.

I decided to make a giant so I could try out a few tips I've read about in blogland. Firstly I fastened off after finishing my colour and re-started my new colour on the next round at a different place (never the corners) as described (better) here. I also turned my work over so the wrong side became the one facing me and then flipped it back over on the next colour change so I had the original right side facing me again ( and I honestly can't remember where I read that tip - it was ages ago) The only thing for me about this was that it means both sides of your stitches show on either side of the work, and I wasn't too sure I liked that until I figured it was the same on my ripple blanket and it would also be so on a granny stripe blanket. Once I realised this then it didn't bother me anymore.

Even though this gives you no definite wrong or right side I still had a 'wrong ' side that I made all my ends go to. The above photo shows this side but really it looks fine, and the same as the other side now the ends have been dealt with.

And the main thing is it doesn't twist. It lies quite flat really, apart from a bit of a curly corner. But it doesn't look like a windmill I don't think!

I used King Cole big value chunky in shades 551, 639, 575 and 556. It work up quickly on a size 5 hook and was relatively cheap. Altogether I used 200g of each colour with only really small amounts left over. As the yarn started to dwindle I switched to dc around the edges so as to stand a higher chance of getting all the way around, and it finished it off quite nicely too.

So even though this was a test piece I really like it as a lap blanket, just big enough to cover my legs when it's a bit chilly in the evenings.

But not too big to be cumbersome. (that black splodge on the left is Cassie Cat)

and it sits well in our front room, brightening up the green colour scheme and adding a bit of granny chic to the place.

So not a bad job. I'm happy how its turned out and loved how quick it was to make. It's warm and cosy and while not the optimum in luxury, a definite welcome addition to our front room cosiness.

I will return soon with my other finished projects of today. I only wish I could be so productive every day!!

'till next time.....


  1. A gorgeous blanket Sam, I love the Vintge colours especially the splash of cream. Congratulations on completing your three projects.

  2. I'm lying in bed reading this on my laptop and you've inspired me to try to be productive and not lazy today! The blanket looks great - not windmilly at all! I've seen Bunny Mummy's tips and have been planning to try them next time I do a granny square.

    Maria x

  3. I'm always amazed by the wealth of advice and support in blogland. It looks great! :) x

  4. Good for you getting so much done Sam. Your test granny is very neat, so lovely draped over your sofa there. I shall definitely follow those tips next time. Look forward to seeing your other finished projects too! x

    P.S. thanks for the comment, my walk took me through Turvey & Bromham :)

  5. What a busy day you've had, I love the colours on the Granny Square it looks fab. Sarah x

  6. Great work for a Sunday!

  7. I want to crochet square!


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