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Hi all, how you doing?

This morning,  I was afforded an hour or so of free time with the older children back at school after the Easter hols and baby napping. So, leaving Daddy in charge at home I decided to take a drive out to Tudor Rose in Oakley so I could buy the batting, backing and binding fabric for my patchwork cross stitch rose quilt.
I briefly mentioned the start of this project in this post and have been piecing in stolen moments ever since and am jolly glad the quilt top is now done. 1600 small squares later I am extremely happy with how this is turning out - the idea of my creative imagination becoming a reality.

It was lovely to catch up with a friend who works at Tudor Rose and to see the new coffee shop section that is now open there. It was also a good opportunity to get ideas of what sort of quilting method would work well, having 3 members of staff (including the boss) sharing their invaluable knowledge totally for my benefit!
I really could not decide whether it would be best to machine or hand-quilt, and whether to stitch quilting lines through the whole thing, either diagonally or straight or following the shape of the rose and leaves. My gut feeling, or rather what my heart said was to hand stitch around the shapes but my head (who was considering all the other projects I have on the go or who are sitting waiting to be started even) thought machine quilting would be the better (quicker) option.
As usual, I went with my heart.
I referred to a gorgeous, gorgeous book I have called material obsession by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke. It's full of wonderful patchwork projects many of them, if not all, hand quilted using perle cotton.

I love love love this book. Just sitting looking at the pictures can cheer up a black cloud mood in me. The beautiful hand-quilting felt right for this quilt and I was very tempted to give it a go. After a little play around testing out the idea I knew it was what was needed to bring this quilt truly to life. 

Okay, so the finish line on this is further away than I envisaged this morning but the extra work will be well worth the effort I think. I have hand-quilted before and having learnt my lesson I am wearing my thimble this time - see here for the playmat I made for my baby that was abandoned for quite a while because of a finger injury!

Having made the decision on what type of quilting method to use it has motivated me to crack on - however I am very easily distracted so we'll see how long it takes to complete. The good thing about blogging the progress is you can look back to see how long things take to make.

                                                   Lovely to catch up, 'till next time.....



  1. Sam this is gorgeous. I'm glad you let your heart rule your head, it deserves to be hand quilted. Can't wait to see the finished piece. Thanks for posting about the book to am looking for something for my Mom's birthday and that looks perfect.... am off to the Amazons. Sarah x

  2. Wow! This is AMAZING! You are so, so clever....I've never seen this done before, well done! :) x

  3. You're one multi-talented lady Sam! You're creating a true work of art there. Look forward to the finished project :)

  4. OMG. Words fail me. I don't even understand about quilting but this is so obviously beautiful. And the patience you must have...
    You need to turn pro!

  5. Hello Sam

    Words fail me as your quilt is both STUNNING AND SO BEAUTIFUL, a work of art in the making. You are so clever and talented.

  6. Oh my, you've taken on a job and a half there! That quilt looks big! I'm sure it will be owrith it though, the hand quilted look is so gorgeous. I love your playful quilt too, so cute.

    S x

  7. Wow! That is a fantastic quilt! So pretty. And so much work. My own quilting sofar is 4 squares. I have a looooong way to go ;-)

    Anna x


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