Gathered Cushion

It's twenty past ten at night and I should be going to bed but before the week is out I thought I'd do a post about the 3rd item I finished last Saturday. This cushion was started goodness knows when and has been sitting in my chair in my craft area for ages it seems.

This photo shows my messy play area and the cushion in question is on the pink chair, behind a fabric bag.
It basically consists of fabric strips (I used some of a jelly-roll) sewn all around the edge of a circle-shaped piece of lining and gathered into the centre.

I joined all the strips of fabric together to form a tube shape with the same circumference as the circle ( which obviously fits the cushion pad I had in mind) When attaching the strip tube to the edge of the lining piece there should be no gathers. The gathers come in on the other edge of the strip tube which is the centre of the circle. This I found hard to get right as it would not lie flat, in hindsight I think it would've been better to have the strips measuring slightly shorter than the circle radius, instead of the same measurement which is what I had done.

A crochet doily, a covered button and some gorgeous fabric for the back was what was needed to finish this cushion off. This was where I picked it up last Saturday, I think my monster cushion was my inspiration to get this one done too.

I even put an invisible zip in! However it does distort the edge of the cushion. Not the best example of my sewing work :-(

I still love this cushion though, it has an exotic feel to it.

And the bright prints make for a jolly addition to my ever-growing cushion collection. (Amy Butler fabric I'm pretty sure.... got the jelly roll free when I subscribed to Mollie Makes)

Would you like to see a bit more of my play area? I love nosing into other people homes, either through their blog photos or when I'm out walking of an evening, just as it's getting dark and people have turned on the lights in their front rooms but have yet to close their curtains. I can't help but glance in, view the cosiness of their room, see if it's tidy or messy, stylish or drab, cluttered or clear. Either way it's a joy to see - it's someones home after all. And I'm a nosy parker!

These are my shelves, laden with books and magazines, fat quarters of fabrics and yards of lovely yarn, WIP's and buttons and trims and lots of yummy bits and bobs.

It's not a big area at all. In fact it's a dead end corridor. You can touch both walls if you hold your arms out straight. I have jammed in so much stuff that it's a bit hard to manoeuvre and it's a bit difficult to get to the sewing machine at the end.

It's got a glass ceiling which means it's lovely and light - even on a rainy day like today.

I do love it though. It's away from the living area of our home and yes I do come and hide out here sometimes, just to get away for five mins and enjoy all my crafty treasures. And it's not big at all, these photos are it - nothing else to declare, but I feel lucky to have it and fill it up to my hearts content with things that bring me joy.

I have had a 'orrible day today and so visiting blog land and counting some of my blessings has done me the world of good. I'm just going to do a spell check then I'm off to bed - I just hope baby doesn't wake too early in the morning!!

'till next time



  1. It a beautiful, happy cushion! I love your sewing area too, I've got my wall but I'd love a proper space. I have to put most things away so it can get frustrating, especially when I'm in the flow of something! Hope you have a better day today and the sun shines for you! :) x

  2. That cushion is gorgeous! I know what you mean about peeping into other people's houses through blogs or instagram, although sometimes it makes me feel a bit wistful as my house never looks so perfect and pretty as the ones in blog land seem to :-(

    Hope you enjoy the sunshine today, my hubby always says Bedford river is lovely in the sunshine, but as he works in Bedford we rarely venture up there on weekends as I suppose it's a bit of a bus mans holiday for him!


  3. The cushion is gorgeous, and I do so envy your craft space. I have a corner of the dining room. I hope today is a better day ... Sarah x

  4. A fabulous craft space Sam - I love it. I too love being nosey!!!!
    Your fabrics are beautiful, and I love the mannequin. Well done for finishing more work in progresses. A brilliant monster cushion, you have me thinking about starting one!

  5. I love your corner - it looks so colourful and full of pretty lovely things! Your cushion is great!
    Maria x

  6. Morning!
    What a great blog - as ever full with great photos and lovely things to look at. I love all the colours and the fact that you're sharing your "creative corner" - you're right, there is nothing like looking through the windows!
    Have a good day.


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