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I'm in the process of crocheting together a cushion cover using a dc stitch. On the granny-squares I didn't put a chain stitch between the treble clusters but I did make 2 chain in the corners. Therefore as I'm going around there are chain stitches to work in. My question is, do you crochet into the chain stitch itself or into the  chain space???? 
I have been going into the chain stitch itself as this matches with going into all other stitches but it is tight and I can get stuck at the chains for a little while (splitty yarn doesn't help). I guess this could be one of those 'matter of opinion' things and down to the individual, but I would be interested in what any fabulous, wonderful, expert crochet bloggers do.

Thank you in anticipation of any advice....

PS. if you do have trouble leaving a comment then I'm happy for you to email me: betsymakes@gmail.com


  1. I crochet into the chain, not the spaces. Its hard work and I always manage to make my stitches too tight so the squares son't sit straight. I also tend to slip stitch mine together, but again its a matter of preference.

    The other option is to stitch them together rather than crochet? Might be a bit quicker if the chains are tight.

    Look forward to seeing the finished result!

    Laurelin. xx

  2. Oh! I also crochet through back loops only. Makes the squares sit flat. xx

  3. Hello Samantha

    A gorgeous blanket with lovely colours.
    When I go round a granny square with DC I too crochet into the two corner stitches, not the space, but chain one in the middle of the two stitches, this then makes the corners flatter. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you for the tip about chaining one at the corners! I'm going to steal this tip :-)


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