Proud Mummy....

Thanks to Sharron, Ada and Judit for leaving lovely comments for me regarding my last post and mention of my Mother. It's sad she's not around anymore, and I do think it's good to remember and honour loved ones but I also feel very fortunate to have a great family around me, I've loads of brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, in-laws and of course the ever-loving hubby Mr R and my 4
gorgeous  children. So I want to celebrate the children's creativity with this post and be thankful that I'm lucky enough to be a Mother myself.

my eldest daughter made this sweet keyring from a magazine free gift

she also made this letter rack for her sisters birthday this year with help and materials from her friend and her friends Mum who runs the brilliant online card making supplies shop Merly Impressions full of gorgeous paper, card, embellishments and lovely other stuff.

My next daughter has made these sweet little felt birds who have found their home in my mothers day gift of last year, they look so happy there and make me smile each time I pass.

she has also learnt to crochet and we spent a wonderful evening together as I taught her how to hold her hook and yarn, and to treble and chain. She's only 12years old and picked it up really quickly. This is her first granny-square and I think she should be very proud of her efforts!

my son ( who's 8) spends hours building complicated lego structures, often with Jenga blocks forming towers and castles....

but what I love most are his detailed drawings, these are dungeons and dragons style but he does brilliant Doctor Who and Star Wars ones too!

My little baby is only 8 months old so hasn't yet got into the creative vibe, unless of course you count the horrendous creations she presents in her nappy, don't worry, I've no photos of that yuk!....

I'm really looking forward to Sunday and spending time with my kids as I think they have a few surprises planned for me (bless them).
 I hope you have a great Mothering Sunday with your Mum or children, or both!!

'till next time....


  1. Such beautiful makes by your family, you must be so proud of them.
    Thank you for sharing their brilliant talents with us.

  2. You have lovely creative children, great isn't it! :) x

  3. Crafting with your children is so much fun!

    Just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comments about my cushions. Very appreciated!

  4. I like your colors and your work.
    Kiss from Italy

  5. what lovely creative gifts - such a lucky and loved mum x

  6. Creative mum and creative children. I know how it feels. My daughter who's 11 has learnt to crochet recently. And she's so excited about her achievement.

    Have a nice week ahead

  7. those little felt birds are so very cute! this is a lovely post, and you have such creative children.

    Nikki x


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