Paint, sandpaper and a stash bust.....

The story begins with this stool I bought from Ikea many moons ago that I use to sit at my industrial sewing machine. The half-hearted paint job I gave it at first was very poor and after being used as a decorating step ladder type thing it was covered in bizarre messes and looked quite sorry for itself.

so I reckoned it was about time I showed it some love and with a piece of crochet I made yonks ago while I was practising the African flower crochet that I considered suitable for a cover, I bought some pink paint and was ready for 'the makeover'.

I don't like painting, especially woodwork, but I tried my best to do a proper job, rubbing down with various grades of sandpaper in between coats for a smooth finish and I was happy enough with the result. Here is the said stool making it's d├ębut appearance in the supporting role to Carols doily.

While painting, the manky stool situated in my baby daughters room came to mind. Also from Ikea this one I'd covered in absolutely awful brown wood stain and made a brown velour pad for the seat. It was one of 4 that went with a square table , again from Ikea, that I bought when I was on my own and was too poor to buy any thing decent. (violins) I have no idea where the rest of the set has gone but the little stool was the only thing to remain. Sorry no photo - far too hideous.
I had ( and still have) paint leftover so down came the stool for it's own transformation.

this is it painted and me checking to see how many more rounds I needed to do on the granny-square cover I was making from the left-over yarn of my Rainbow Ripple blanket.
Because this stool already had the pad made and I was just re-covering I used the same method of 'attachment', namely stick and sew Velcro. And yes, quite unbelievably I did paint around the existing Velcro rather than peeling it off to replace with new, lol.

The cover is made with a basic granny-square to the size of the foam, then rows of half-trebles for the side bits (I keep wanting to call these bits gussets, is that right?) It involved stitching all around with no increase at the corners and then a bit of decreasing in the next 2 rows, the last row being dc to get it to the correct width.

You can see how this makes the corners curl up, and so it fits nicely around the foam pad. 
And the ends, those pesky ends! I weaved them in one direction, then the other and if I had enough length I would go a bit in yet another direction so when little bottoms wriggle around on the seat they (hopefully) won't poke out, fingers crossed.

You can see from the above pictures how the Velcro is sewn on the pad lining and how it attaches to the stool. The crochet part is hand-sewn to the lining.

Meanwhile, back to my left over ripple yarn (Rico Design Creative Cotton) I had made a few little granny-squares with the idea of making a cushion, so of course it went well with the stool and was a match made in heaven!

I was very good and made sure I put an opening in this cushion, the button detail an idea from the super talented Sharron at Annie's Place. I did take my time and sew the buttons securely so they don't come loose and get swallowed!

Plain white back for some calming therapy.

A perfect addition to my little baby's room, so cute and colourful. Rather pleased with this one me is :-)

As for the first stool and cover idea I have decided to leave it as it is as I prefer the simplicity of the painted stool. The crochet piece can just be as it is and I won't turn it into a cover - not feeling it now.

Congratulations if you have read all the way down to this point, quite a long post for me. If you have just scrolled down and looked at the pictures - fair play.

I'd like to thanks those for the advice re: may last post on crocheting into corner chains, and thanks for the tips too!

'till next time....



  1. Now that's what I'm talking about Sam! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous granny squares. What a transformation on the stool, very inspiring. Absolutely LOVE your colour choices, and the buttons *gasp*, they look fantabulous!!! The white reverse on the cushion is so beautifully crocheted, and great that you can alternate it when you want a different look. Can you tell I'm rather taken with this post?! :) x

  2. Love, love, love these Sam, you've done a fantastic job! :) x

  3. Wow.. what a fabby idea. I too have that IKEA step/stool languishing in my shed, they were my cupboard steps (being of the short persuasion I need them to reach the kitchen cupboards) and they have been used one to many times for decorating. Maybe I should release them from the shed and give them a make over too. Sarah x

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  5. A gorgeous addition to your bubba's room Sam! Love the pale pink of the steps too. Painting furniture is such an instant fix, it's great!

    S x

  6. Ooo I love it!! Makes me want a manky old stool to cover :-) So jealous of your cushion cover. I want to be able to do buttons and cushion covers. Can't wait to see what you make next. xx

  7. Absolutely stunning Sam, such beautiful colours. Love the painted steps.


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