Mooching in Ampthill

Hello all, and hello to Spring. A very warm welcome to you both!
With the mild weather making trips out more pleasurable I took advantage and headed to Ampthill, a gorgeous historic town not too far from where I live.
I love bunting strung over streets

 My work has an office there where I'm sent to cover regularly and I popped in to say hello to my work colleague and have a chat. It was lovely to spend a bit of time with her during her break but unfortunately she did have to get on (work rather gets in the way in my opinion) so I headed off to the shops for a mooch.

These cottages are situated right opposite the office, it's great to be greeted with a pretty site after a hard slog day!

There are some wonderful shops in Ampthill, and I always enjoy a visit. My favourite is Ampthill Emporium, a large 3 story Victorian building full to the brim with antiques and interesting bits and bobs. I have to be really careful though as it's so easy to spend too much and I really have very little willpower in the spending department. However this time I came away with a bargain. A gorgeous one at that!

This lovely handmade patchwork quilt, in light greens, blues and pinks. I love patchwork quilts but all the ones I own I have made myself. I saw this one hanging over the banister up the glorious wide staircase in the Emporium and I fell in love. It is in really good condition, I don't think it's particularly old but it is hand-quilted which gives a wonderful home-spun feel.

I did give it a gentle wash in the machine and was glad the weather was mild enough for it to go on the line and air out in the breeze. It didn't dry completely so it went on my dry-soon  for a bit and has come up lovely. (The mysterious yellow stain has gone, thank goodness)

I also picked up another little trinket. I love it apart from the fact that it obviously is an ashtray and that puts me off!

I can add it to my collection of other trinkets!

ok you can stop buying trinkets now Sam...
The clog was priced at £3 and the quilt at £25 but Eddie charged me £26 for both! It's not that he can't add up, for some reason they automatically discount, they always do it there. ( I'm not sure Eddie is his real name but he looks so much like Eddie Izzard that in my head that's what he's called, lol)

I have mixed feelings about this bargain. On one hand I'm delighted that I have it in my possession for not very much money but am sad that something that has taken someone with a lot of talent, a lot of time and effort to make can't command a higher value. To buy the fabric alone would cost a lot more than £26 and so her time to make it (and I have to presume it was made by a her) isn't valued in a monetary sense at all. 

Still, now it's here with me it will be loved and valued, used and adored as if it were priceless.
and maybe in the future it's value will be regarded in a different light as with Van Gogh's art:

"While American businessmen snap up Van Goghs 
For the price of a hospital wing "

a Del Amitri lyric in my post! - I wasn't planning it but silly happy I got it in :-)

'till next time...
PS: Disclaimer - although I love this quilt and think it should've been priced higher, I don't think it is worth the price of a hospital wing.

PPS: Did you notice I got the lol in?!!


  1. Hello Samantha

    Your quilt is a Work of Art, and so beautiful. I love the pastel colours and design. Definately hours and hours of work to complete. I love your blue and white trinkets, just my cup of tea,.

  2. Such a great quilt, fantastic find Sam! :) x

  3. Ahhh yes Sam, the Antiques Emporium! One of my frequent haunts too :) What a find that patchwork is, and I echo the sentiments about the time versus the money thing. Sad in some ways, but obviously someone had no further use for it and luckily it ended up with you xx

  4. Haven't been to Ampthill in ages, I know the emporium though, I would lose my husband for hours if I took him there, he loves to rummage :-) I'm glad the quilt has a new home where it'll be loved, because someone clearly put a lot of time and effort into making it. x

  5. You were right in my neck of the woods Sam! I bet you had fun in Ampthill Emporium, I adore that shop, although it's letal on the purse strings!! Looks like you bagged an absolute bargin :)

    S x


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