Hello, my friends....

These last couple of weeks have not been too much fun in our household with the presence of a very unwelcome visitor. The meany virus that first attacked me with vengeance and then continued to effect everyone else has meant that all routine has been turned topsy-turvey and not much other than laying around has been happening. This is the first day this week that I haven't had at least one child off school and I'm going to try and catch up with all the many things I'm behind on.

It seems ages ago that me and hubby were lucky enough to have a night away to celebrate our wedding anniversary, thanks to hubbys Mum who stayed over to look after all the children. It fell during half term which on one hand felt a bit mean us going away without the children, but they are great and had fun looking after baby (my older girls are like little Mummies to her so she was fine, I think I missed her more than she missed me!)
We travelled up to Whitley Bay near Newcastle to see my love Justin Currie, who was doing a gig at the Playhouse there on our anniversary. My husband married me completely aware that a part of my heart is held by Justin, and as he likes his music too is completely cool with that (lol). Just so you know Justin used to be front man in the 80's / 90's band Del Amitri and I've been a fan since they released their first single 'Nothing Ever Happens'.

Taking photos at gigs is impossible, so I didn't bother at all. The above photo was taken by none other than Barney Harwood of CBBC and Blue Peter fame at a gig at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton some years back. My husband did some music with Barney ages ago but it was a coincidence that we met him at this particular Justin gig (we go a lot). Talk about a massive name drop! What a clang! Forgive me please? 

We really enjoyed our stay in Whitley Bay. A lovely english sea-side town. Of course we had to have a little shop while we were there and I discovered a wonderful yarn shop called Ringarosie where I made friends with the lovely Barbara (on Ravelry as well) and bought some yummy yarn to stash.

As a little present for my husband for our anniversary I made him this guitar strap.

He had asked me to make him something after seeing this picture of Paul McCartney

I'm not planning to make him a granny-square waistcoat anytime, don't think he'd wear it....

Since coming back to real life I haven't got any finished crochet or sewing work done, which is frustrating me a bit but now things are getting back to normal I'm hoping to crack on with some of my projects. Here's a photo of a new project I'm working on. It's a pattern I'm making up so is needing concentration and peace and quiet to get on with it, but I'm happy so far. Once I've written the pattern out and got my sister to test it I will publish it here. Don't hold your breath though, I think it will be sometime before that happens!

I think the meany virus is having an effect on my lap-top as it's playing up and not letting me make my photos bigger??? 
Ah well, I'm glad I've been able to say hello with this eclectic post, there are still lots of things I'd like to show and talk about here including the Catch Up & Crochet evening the other night but that can be another post, another time.

Just one last thing for now though. It's Mothers day this Sunday and I would just like to remember my Mum who died 14 years ago. I miss her and wish so much that she'd been around to be a Grandmother to my children. Although I have no memory of learning to crochet (how sad) it must have been her that taught me, I do wish I could remember. I do remember though my Mum filling her under-stair cupboard with loads of WIP and rarely getting anything finished!

Here's an old photo of my parents when they were young.

I'm off to do all my boring jobs now but hopefully I will find a little time to crochet and think of my Mum while doing it.


  1. Such beautiful sentiments about your Mum Sam. Thank you for sharing those personal thoughts about her, and the lovely photo of both your parents. Love the pic of Paul with the crochet waistcoat, must forward that to my sis. Sorry to hear you've all been poorly, but coming out the other side at last.

    Your latest crochet project is gorg, love the 8 pointed star pattern up there. Looks complicated? Enjoy the weekend when it comes :)

  2. I bet she's smiling down at you, very proud of your crochet skills! :) x

  3. Welcome back! Hope all the boring jobs are now done for your sake as well as mine. I want to see more of your beautiful crochet pictures. : )

    I miss my mum too and you are so right - knitting/crocheting brings me closer to her. This is only the second time I don't have to buy a Mother's day card and it still feels very odd.

  4. Caroline Saunders9 March 2013 at 23:39

    What a lovely post - brought a tear to my eye and made me realise how lucky I am to have my mum still around. I too have no memory of learning to knit, isn't it a shame! PS Justin is GORGEOUS!!


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