Carol's Doily

Well hello to you, I do hope you're well and happy,  in between the bizarre snow showers we've had today I managed to get to the post office to send off the thank you card and doily I made for my friend and work colleague Carol.
You see Carol invited me and baby girl over to her house last week for a natter/gossip/moan about work and she treated me to a lovely pub lunch ( baby bought her own lunch but still enjoyed a fair amount of my omelet) and a cup of tea and pastry back at her house.
We had such a lovely time and I was so touched by Carol's hospitality and generosity ( I even came home with a beautiful cream wool coat that she no longer wanted) that I decided to make a handmade gift to show my appreciation.
I have, at the moment, a bit of a craze for making doilies. I have played a little with Japanese chart patterns:

I made these in the car while the ever-loving Mr R drove us up to Whitley Bay for our anniversary. ( I asked him if he minded. He said he didn't)

and this one is from a vintage crochet pattern book I found in a charity shop a little while ago.

In fact you can see the wonderful bounty I found that day in St Neots...

I could not help but notice that lovely Carol had a few doilies of her own so I know it's the type of thing she likes.

So I sat down with a mug of tea and perused my patterns and decided on a pretty doily from Twilleys of Stamford 'Doilies and Mats' (392)

I can't help but love these pattern books with the 70's styling... now hang on....I've been fooled!!
There's me thinking these were vintage, the book in question is the one in the above picture on the far right ( it's got a red sticker in the top corner) it looks pretty old fashion don't you think? Well I have it here next to me and on the back is an EMAIL ADDRESS!!!!! That's not 70's is it? Well, I'll be...

It matters not, talk about a live broadcast though (lol) the other books, I think are a lot older. Anyhow....shall I just show you piccies of the blooming doily?

The edging before blocking, it did flatten out a fair bit after blocking but not as much as I would've liked.

I have used a thicker yarn (Patons 100% Cotton DK) and larger hook (3.5mm) than stated in the pattern and I rather like the way it's turned out. I really rate this yarn, it's got a nice sheen to it.

Carol's doily looks quite nice on my newly pink painted stool, have a mind to make another for myself.

close up of the middle bit....

....posing with my Mothers' Day flowers....

so I do hope Carol likes her doily, another alternative was the crochet bikini:

it's an option......

'till next time.....

PS. my teenage daughter cringes every time I use lol in a post so therefore, of course I will use it in every single one. LOL


  1. These are so pretty......and so complicated!!! :) x

  2. My mom used to make doilies like this!! Aaaah sweet times ... You Are really talented!! Oh I use LOL all the time too, lol!!

  3. These are so lovely, with gorgeous colours.


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