Rose Heart Hanger from the Attic

Crochet Rose Heart Door Hanger

Morning all, I just wanted to show you these rose heart door hangers I made as thank you gifts for a couple of my friends. I wasn't intending to blog about them at first because they are not my idea and they already have a blog written about their design, but I then thought I would do a quick post to point you in the right direction if you haven't already found these and would like to make them yourself. They really are quick and easy to make, the patterns for the heart and rose are very good and effective. I'm getting more into making gifts for people now, in the past I haven't had the confidence and automatically think people wouldn't want anything I've made, but it's becoming apparent that my friends love my creations and enjoy receiving them as gifts. I know, I know, I'm a silly old fool - it's a confidence thing!

Ok, so if you follow this link it will take you to the marvellous Attic 24 where you will be able to follow the links onwards from there. There you will be able to find the pattern for the rose, the heart and also where to buy the little heart signs. I ordered mine from for £1.50 each. I bought a few to use for future gifts.

While I was on this site I could not resist treating myself to this pretty necklace. I am naughty, but it was only £6! *just been on website and I paid £5 for this :-)

I hope you have a great day today, take care.....



  1. Beautiful crochet makes, I love the pastel colours and little hearts. I adore your patchwork/quilting and the Tanya Whelan fabrics are my favourites.

  2. Thanks Irene, yes the Tanya Whelan prints are lovely aren't they? Since I made the patchwork quilt for my mother-in-law with these fabrics I've noticed on there are lots of really fab new prints in her range - so tempted to buy but will have to wait! Sam xx

  3. Love your heart hangers! Aren't they so addictive?

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments, I'd have replied via email but your email address isn't visible in your profile. But since i'm here on on your blog I'm going to have a little read :)


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