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Hi All,

Are you the type to celebrate Valentines day? Or does it pass you by, or even make you vomit with its cheesiness? I feel it's more of a teenager sort of thing and I'll leave it up to my girls to enjoy but I do like a splosh of pink fizzy and some heart shape chocolates so therefore I guess I'm a hypocrite.
Although my husband is very, very generous he has never bought me flowers as he just doesn't 'get' the sentiment - he likes things that last forever. So I tend to buy myself some if I feel like it. It is also our wedding anniversary a week after Valentines and he always comes up trumps with gifts then, he usually writes and records me a song, just for me and I have a lovely collection of his CD's. I just wish his music could be heard by the populus - it is as good, and better than a lot of what's in the charts now. But you know, how fab is it to have songs written about and for you, even if I'm the only one who hears them?  Very cool I say!

Another thing about Valentines is that my husband is always going to be working, it's the nature of his business. This year he's singing at the White Horse pub near us for all the couples dining together - get the Renees ready Nigel! ONLY JOKING ;-) lol so it means we don't spend the evening together, we are going away for our anniversary so that's something to look forward to.

Anyway, I couldn't resist a bit of crochet love so here's my Valentines offering:

using the 'Granny Heart Bunting' tutorial from the super talented Sandra Cherry Heart for the pockets I made a sweet pinny for a bit of domestic goddessness....

very simply a rectangle of fabric, hemmed on 3 sides and gathered at the top into a fabric tie and then the crochet hearts attached all around apart from the top for the pockets. Sweet and simple.

While I'm here, I'll show you the start of something new I'm working on. I know I should finish other things first but have been quite fired up by this patchwork cross-stitch rose quilt:

As you can see I'm using small patches to represent each cross-stitch that makes up the rose image. 
I have divided up the quilt into 16 blocks altogether, these five are all I've done so far but hopefully I will fit a few more in this week coming.

'till next time....


  1. Your patchwork looks very intricate! Love your little penny pockets! :) x

  2. It is indeed very cool to have songs written for you. Lucky girl! I love your apron, very domestic goddess with that pretty gingham (and of course my hearts!) I am so, so in love with your quilt idea too. It's looking so good, can't wait to see more!!

    S x


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