No Gaps Granny Square Cushion

Morning all,
I'd thought I would do a quick post while the house is still sleeping. I love it when I'm the first one up and I can have my first cup of tea in peace and plan my day without any interruptions.
Anyhow just now, I sat down on my sofa and leaned against my lovely soft, cosy new crochet cushion and remembered I was yet to bring to show & tell, so here we are....

Firstly the yarn I've used is Bessie May smile, a extra fine merino DK which sure is gorgeous both to work with and in the finished article. A cushion wasn't what I had in mind for it when I ordered the yarn from the online store as I have blogged about here. But when I started the link scarf pattern from issue 1 of Simply Crochet it just didn't feel right, maybe because the pattern calls for chunky yarn and not DK, the little loops or 'links' were silly and floppy and it just wasn't happening. So I decided to file that make want in the upstairs library for next winter and go a different direction with my new luxury yarn.

It was these 'no gap granny squares' that I felt like trying, and with success I think. Suddenly this project felt right and I steamed ahead.

Now I do love colour, oh I do. I'm always attracted to the bright colourful crochet around and that will never change, but there is room in my life for neutrals as well and I love the calming effect these colours have. If you're interested they are: Mist, Creme, Battleship and Cloud and this cushion in total took 7x50g balls on a size 4 hook at £4.88 each (eek)

It is a large cushion which makes it all the more comfy to lean against!

I joined the squares with dc stitch, a very satisfying method I think.

I have just realised I have not taken a photo of the back of the cushion and I can hear that the troops are surfacing. So I will get all ready for school and come back with the rear view picture, see you in a bit.....

...I'm back....

..a big no gaps granny square back!

using up the yarn I had, and annoyingly having to order some more, but it's no 'B' side and I like it just as much as the front.

calm and relaxing. soothing and serene. It's what's needed sometimes...

By the way Tuesday's Catch Up & Crochet night went well, I enjoyed catching up with friends I don't see often enough. The star pupil was lovely Rachel who has made a beautiful granny square circle scarf after only one crochet lesson. Top marks Rachel, detention for me though for forgetting to take a photo! Hopefully I will get another opportunity to get a pic and I will post it here :-)

see you all soon...


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love it. Seems as if I have to make one for myself.... or would you mind giving me this one as a present *g* ;)

    1. Thank you!!! The joy is in the making yourself lol!!!

  2. Your lovely cushion sits so perfectly with the colour scheme in the room, and I agree both front & reverse are equally as nice. Your work is super dooper neat, well done :)

  3. It's lovely. Don't often see black and white crochet, so all the more unique and special! xx


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