Vintage Sheet Patchwork

Thank you Ada for braving the snow last week to send out my little bundle of fabrics I ordered from your etsy shop 'Vintage Sheet Addict'.

I have something in mind to use it for but then I also couldn't resist pinching some. I was so inspired my the prints you sent I put all other WIP to one side and armed myself with my rotary cutter and cutting mat.

This fabric told me to make it into a 9 patch block patchwork like the ones I've seen lots of on Instagram, you of course have fabric and yarn speaking to you, don't you? They know what they want to be made into...

...and it is a quick patchwork to make (I'm sure there is a tutorial out there somewhere - just ask Mr Google). It all came together whilst baby napped.

It's not large mind, just a small table cloth to brighten up my day....

..but I could not quite stop. Something else was needed. I quick jaunt to the yarn store (where the lovely lady recognised one of the prints as her teenage duvet cover - well not the actual one, but you know, like she once had) and a purchase of 2 skeins of Rico Design Essentials Cotton DK in shade 41, a light aqua bluey and then some blanket stitch around the edge.... I could crochet a border to finish it off, the width of the border determined by the amount of yarn I had.

A few pictures this morning to show you what I'd made from your fabric....

...I hope you like what your fabric wanted to be, I do.

The prints remind me of when I was little too, a distant memory as I have a poor memory, really I have. But then a vague thought came to me, I have sewn with old bedclothes before??? Of course! when my husband was upset to find his mother using his old He-man duvet cover as a dust sheet, we rescued it and I made him a shirt...

my husband is sentimentally attached to all sorts of things.

see you soon.....


  1. Beautiful, beautiful! I love it Sam. So funny too, I have just ordered some vintage sheet bundles myself and have big plans for them. And yes, the fabric and yarn does indeed talk so me, you're so right!

    Anyway, I love your small blanket and the edging is perfect too.

    S x

  2. It beautiful, you put me to shame, mines still just a dream, yours is reality! Glad you like the fabrics! :) x

  3. Oh my gosh. I had to come and visit your blog. YOU ARE AMAZING. I just loooooooove your work. Beautiful beautiful things ♥♥♥

  4. The crochet on this quilt looks amazing! Adds such a lovely touch


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