Springtime Gypsy Quilt

Hi there, we have taken down our Christmas decorations today and my husband left for work with the shrivelled up tree on the roof of his car to take to the re-cycling pile on the way.

I had a good clean up, and that, together with the mild weather we are having right now has put me in mind of spring, so I thought it was appropriate to show you the 'springtime gypsy quilt' I made for my mother-in-law ( and otherwise there is chance I will forget to)
Because I finished this mid-December but was busy blogging about all the Christmas makes to fit this one in.

It's not easy, taking photos of beds is it?  Anyway, M-I-L asked if I would make her a patchwork quilt as she had always wanted one and of course I was honoured to do so. She gave me the measurements ( about king size), and her desired colours ( pinks and greens ) and said she wanted just a simple patch design ( she likes the play mat quilt I made for my baby so I based the design on that) so I logged on to The Cotton Patch to look at their fabrics as they have a wide range to choose from.

I had a browse around and after checking with her we ordered 14 different fabrics from Tanya Whelans Sugar Hill and Delilah range, half a metre of each in varying shades of greens and pinks, some floral, some spotty and some stripe and check and a paisley one was in there too. I think it's important to have a mix of floral and stripes to add interest.

I had quite a bit of some pink spot cotton in my cupboard which I used for the backing and binding, but we also ordered some Hobbs Heirloom Cotton Wadding to sandwich in the middle. I cut the patches to be most efficient of the half metre of fabric ( 12.5cm x12.5cm), there are 22 patches across by 20 patches down. I joined in strips and then joined the strips together as I went, trying to be random with the different prints. 
The quilting part is my least favourite bit as it's difficult working with a large quilt, getting it to lie right and fitting it under the sewing machine, but I worked methodically, rolling the excess quilt up so I could manoeuvre it in place at the machine and quilt 'in the ditch', probably one of the easiest quilting methods.

I cut the binding on the cross at 9cm wide, folded it in half lengthwise ( after joining it to be a long enough length) and then machined it to the wrong side of the quilt, bringing it then to the front and hand sewing it in place. It turned out nice and neat, the finished width of the binding comes out at 1.5cm which is ideal for a large quilt.

I'm not happy at all with these photos, I really struggled with poor light and not very much room. Also I compressed these pictures to web page size but it compromises the quality so have decided to live with the slow upload instead and not do that any more.

We are all happy with the way the quilt has worked out though. My mother-in-law described it as 'perfect', which is really sweet of her and I'm very glad she's happy. She needs some new curtains for her bedroom now and has been finding it difficult to get the right colour. When she comes over tomorrow I will help her look on the net for fabric and offer to make them for her.

Bye for now...


  1. Hi Sam, your quilt is lovely! It is always such a great feeling when you make something for someone else and they love it :) Elisabeth xx


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