Needle Case

This 'wool needle' by Pony is brilliant for weaving in all your ends on your crochet, it's much easier than threading a darning needle all the time - especially if you have lots of colour changes and therefore millions of ends to deal with. I find this a really useful tool and, even though 3 came in the pack (slightly different thicknesses) don't want to loose it and guard it closely.

This is what I was keeping it in:


When I was crocheting some jammy dodgers (in my crochet biscuit faze) I thought I would have a go at a custard cream. Not quite the right dimensions and I gave up and moved on, but the small piece of crochet is perfect for the blunt ended wool needle, and for a while served as my needle store.

But I really needed to smarten up my act and had the idea of a sweet little needle case. There is a nice tutorial here, but as I wanted to include a little bit of crochet I went my own way.

Mine consists of some wadding sandwiched between pretty fabric, a small piece of felt and some crochet make the pages. I've also added a scissor holder.

I crocheted an edging for prettiness.....

and quilted around the flowers and added buttons for even more prettiness!

I used my crochet yarn to hand stitch along the 'fold line' of the needle case, this forms the loops that the crochet 'page' starts from.

Rather pleased with how this worked out. Didn't take too long to make, it was a bit of a pick up, put down project, fitting in between baby cuddles, chores so on and so forth (who am I kidding - everything is like that!)
Well bye for now, it's actually snowing quite heavily as I type this and I'm wondering if the schools will text to  say they are closing and to collect the children early. My eldest 3 children are at 3 different schools which all do different things, so we'll see.

I hope you like my needle case, I enjoyed designing and making it. 

Take care,


  1. that is gorgeous! i am so pleased to see you have 4 (?) kids - i have just had my third and am wondering how i will ever find time to crochet, sew or knit anything ever again, so it's nice to know that someone else is managing it!

  2. This is beautiful, I've been wondering how I could combine my love of vintage fabric and crochet, now I know! Need to fine tune my crochet skill first! My husbands a musician too, I know the mag! :) x


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