Granny Square Cube Toy

A small distraction from the bigger projects I'm working on happened last night, a spur of the moment, not on the list (yes I have a list) of things I'M DETERMINED to make, came to mind and before my will power had any say my fingers started to make this little fun toy for baby girl.

She likes my crochet, well she's always grabbing at it, so now she has her own.

I used some stashed Rowan Handknit Cotton in sugar and gooseberry and Rico Design Creative Cotton shade 62 (yellow) to make up 6 basic granny squares.

For me there is pure pleasure in crocheting those little squares, not sure I understand it, but I find making them so satisfying. I joined them together with the double crochet method to form a block.

Before joining the 'lid' I made a cube from some pink cotton fabric and toy filling sized to fit inside (about 7cm square)

And then I finished off the joining, yay all done!

Isn't it great to have a stash, a cupboard where you can just help yourself to what you need at the moment of inspiration and make up something that can be played with and enjoyed?

okay, okay she likes the empty Olbas drops box more, but hey, I enjoyed making the cube, she has her box - we're all happy :-)

Hope you're happy too, take care

'till next time....


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