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Hello my loves, I hope you're well. This week I got a early anniversary gift from my husband. For several years now I have paid for a subscription to Sound on Sound magazine for my wedding anniversary present to him. It's about music recording, studios and equipment blah, blah, blah.... all his favourite stuff. He loves receiving his SOS and if it's late coming I hear his little bleat of "where's my sound on sound?".  But hey we all enjoy our "things" which is why for our forthcoming anniversary (next month) he has bought a subscription for me to Simply Crochet - Hooked on Hand Made. 
He signed up in December to ensure I received issue 1 of the magazine and also to take advantage of the special offer (£5 for first 3 months). When it dropped on my door mat on Monday I felt quite giddy opening it up to look through it. It contains patterns and ideas, tips and guides and of course articles on web sites and shops to buy hooky related stuff.

One that caught my eye was ( maybe because it has a similar name to my blog, just coincidence though) so I checked out the website and really like the way it was set out and designed. Now I'm ALWAYS looking at yarn online shops and order all the time lol. This particular site only sells their own make of yarn and to be honest there isn't a vast variety of colours but the Italian yarn in different weights and textures is lovely and I couldn't resist doing a little order. One of the patterns in my new mag of a chain link scarf appealed to me so I bought some DK in neutral colours to make it.

It is always great to get yarn come in the post and this was no exception. It was all packaged so nicely and even came with a little Italian biscuit!

The extra fine 100% merino wool is lovely and soft and the colours I chose sit well together. The price is £4.88 per 50g - not cheap particularly but in line with other makes, maybe a bit expensive??
Thank you lovely hubby for my subscription and gorgeous yarn x


  1. Ooh, lucky you! Your wool looks gorgeous, I may have to check that out, when I have money again! I'm afraid I'd say that price was about the standard these days too for 100% merino, shocking as it is. Well enjoy your lovely yarn and let me know what you think of the magazine, worth seeking out?

    S x


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