Daisy Meadow Baby Blanket

YAY!! All done!!!

I've got a FINISHED crochet blanket to show you :-)
Okay, it is a mini one, so didn't take very long to make, but nevertheless it's a finished, complete, all done thing.
Firstly, I'd like to comment on the 52 weeks of happy that a lot of the blogs I follow are participating in. The idea is that each week they will show 4 pictures of things in their life that make them happy and although I'm not going to join in as such I definitely think it's a brill idea, will enjoy looking at peoples pictures and am going to incorporate the ethos into my life which is basically to appreciate and focus on the good, pretty, inspiring, positive things around us. We all know life can, at times, be totally sh***y and grossly unfair, but it is generally the same for all and it's our attitudes that make the difference. Don't get me wrong, as I'm far too sensitive, a born worrier with an over-active imagination I can let things get on top of me and get a bit down from time-to-time but I want to make an effort to push negative thoughts from my head and think about nice things. I don't mean bury my head in the sand and not face up to responsibility etc but just see the best around me and also do stuff to make things even better.
So with that in mind lets have some lovely geeky crochet fun!

This idea of daisy-like granny squares has been in my head for some time and it wasn't going away. I had a look around the net for ideas and tried out a few test squares, the final design is my own although not really that original, but who cares about that?

Stylecraft Special DK is the yarn used for the green and blue (spring green and cloud blue to be precise) the white and yellow are some acrylic yarn I have had for yonks so sorry, can't remember what make it is but nothing out of the ordinary. (By the way, do you like the zpagetti basket I made? will post a blog about that soon)

Each square is 12 Trebles in yellow, 12 puff-stitches in white, some green trebles and chains meant to be the grass surrounded by the blue treble/chain sunny day sky. 

The last 3 squares were finished off at Saffron's ( Fancy ) house when we went over for a delicious lunch of homemade bread and a pile of chocolate cookies. It was like old times and I promise Saff we will do it more often ( except when you all come over to my house dinner will be from Andy's Chippy lol )

The border is 2 rows of green double-crochet stitches, then a row of white puff-stitches in every other stitch followed by a scallopy yellow edging. Can I mention here that I have a mortal fear of wavy borders so on the first row of DC I missed out all the chain stitches ( basically missing out 4 stitches per square side) and I also did a decrease stitch at every square join in a similar fashion to this tutorial.

All that worked well until I did the final round in yellow and a little fluting started to appear, but not enough to loose sleep over so no worries!

It measures 76cm x 60cm, which is just the right size for pushchair / car-seat snuggles.

Now may I show some self-indulgent photos?

and of course the one with my baby's hand clutching the blanket - can't resist doing one like that:

Thanks for letting me be positive about my blanket, hope you are all feeling good too....

take care


  1. I love your blanket, I want to make a sunflower blanket and I think you have inspired me. I will be needing a break from random and multi multi colours! Fiona

    1. Thanks Fiona, a sunflower blanket sounds lovely. Maybe 2 rounds of bobble stitch for the flower centre, what do you think???

  2. What a sweet blanket! Such lovely neat work too, just fab. You must be so proud of your efforts, seeing your little one wrapped up in something you made yourself?!! :)


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