Crochet Bobble Cushion

Crochet Bobble Stitch Cushion

Good evening all, hope you are all ok and the snow's not causing too much disruption for you. My children have been out playing and enjoying it, I'm must be honest and say I'm looking forward to when it will clear.

Here is my yay, all done post about the bobble cushion I've made this week, it got lots of 'likes' when I posted pictures of it on Instagram so I'm chuffed other people like it as much as I do. It has been a voyage of discovery - as in I made it up as I went along :-) Through some surfing around I came across a really fabulous blog with some wonderful tutorials, this one inspired me to have a go at a new-to-me stitch 'the bobble'. When I first read through how to do the stitch I was horrified - how can anyone be bothered to drop a stitch and then pick it up again? Being a lazy 'ol thing I thought this would be too much of a kerfuffle but at the same time really liked the effect so I decided to give it a go.

As I had a round cushion pad I decided to use it and make a round bobble cushion. Well it has sort of come out octagon shape due to the increasing of the rounds but that bothers me none and I love it.

For the back of the cushion I just did rounds of trebles, increasing as I went, keeping my fingers crossed it would end up the same sort of shape and size. Firstly the treble rounds come out smaller than the bobble round so I had to do more of them. Also, because I started with 4 bobbles on the front and 12 trebles on the back they are slightly different shapes, but you know what? It doesn't seem to matter, they ended up with the same amount of stitches at the end so it was easy to join them with a dc round (by the way the last round of the front cushion was htr).

The yarn I used was Stylecraft Special DK. It really is a marvellous yarn for all sorts of reasons and I loved working with it. As I was finishing off the cushion Sharron at Annie's Place posted her thoughts on the yarn which echoed mine totally. She wrote: 

"The Stylecraft Special DK I'm using for this & my granny stripe has been a dream to work with, something I didn't think I would say about Acrylic. Having opted for cotton for most of my previous projects, I was unsure how I would get on with it.  But so many folks had raved about it, I just had to give it a try. Disappointed I wasn't. It's fantastic value for money, and comes in a great palette of colours."

I just want to add that it does depend on how you put the colours together and Sharron has a really good eye for colours and I love her work.

My colour choice was random as I could be, only deciding on the next colour at the end of the previous round. I like the 'granny chic' feel I've achieved.

For some reason I have taken more pictures of the back of this cushion than the front, which I like equally as much, so it's ok.

I am now a firm convert to the bobble stitch and no doubt will use it on other projects in the future.

take care 'till next time.....


  1. Ooooooh your bobble stitch cushion is gorgeous! Such neat work and the colour combo's you've chosen are great. Good ole Stylecraft. You're super quick too, by the looks of it :) I'm really grateful that you would be so complimentary about my fledgling blog, thank you Sam x

  2. Es precioso! los colores me encantan y la forma del cojin muy bonito, felicidades!


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