Crochet Christmas Pud!!!

Jack Frost called this morning and his presence made a pleasant trip to school in the car. OK so it was cold, but the beauty of the frosty white trees and the low sun shining through them cheered myself and best boy as we made our daily trip.
Both of us are very visual people, preferring pictures to text. Best boy did his Roman research homework all in drawings rather than writing and this meant he could enjoy the flow of the project instead of struggling with spelling etc.  His enthusiasm was more important than writing practise in my opinion and he got a house-point for being the first in his class to hand it in.
Baby girl woke early today (5:20am I think). She generally sleeps well but obviously had had enough as she'd gone to bed at 7:30pm last night, so after her feed she lay in her crib singing her head off. So as not to wake anyone else I took her downstairs to play and after a cup of tea for me and another feed for her we accepted the day had begun. I'm dreadful when I'm tired, it's like the world's ended (hasn't though has it? 12/12/12 and all that. or is it due to end next week?) and as my 'to do' list is HUGH today I am feeling quite manic! But having said that I'm happy to report the Yay, all done of another little make:

I have been determined to make a few christmassy things this year and back in September found this pattern on The Making Spot, it seemed ideal for what I had in mind.
Crocheting and sewing combined is very 'me', but I have to say it took longer to make than I would've liked it to, but then everything does.
As you can see it's a Christmas Pud Sewing basket with a brandy cream lid that's attached by buttons. It's so sweet and fun with the holly and berries on the top. I made it with Aran weight yarn (Rico Design Creative Cotton) so it's quite firm but then I decided to make a lining as well so it's really robust. The little handle is velvet green ribbon - I love, love velvet ribbon!
Instead of my sewing bits I might use it for my chocolate stash, the kids will never find it there? No, they probably will, they can smell chocolate from 50 feet!

****Note: I didn't like the way the holly leaves were made in the original pattern (they didn't have the spiky bits) so I used this pattern from the Oracle herself. Thank you x


  1. Thank you so much for the comment regarding felting... I will check the website out in a minute. Love the way your christmas pud turned out. Enjoy the weekend x


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