Christmas Quilt

Hi There, how's it going?  I think most of us are on the same track, getting things ready for Christmas, organising the house and buying provisions for the big day feast.  For a while now I have had red and white (with a bit of green) decorations for our tree and last year I made this quilt to get out and use around this time. It goes well with the colour scheme and has a festive feel.

I bought a bundle of red and white fat quarters from I think Fabric Rehab, some with little reindeer on (sorry I can't be more specific about the fabric, it was over a year ago and I can't remember!) it was a Christmas bundle anyway. I cut the lot up into triangles and then with the off-white plain cotton that I get through yards and yards of I cut more triangles to make the other side of the square. I often cut to be most efficient with what fabric I have and therefore the size of the squares end up whatever they do (in this case approx 8.5cm).

The border was a bit of an after thought to make the quilt a bit bigger. I bought about half metre of the fabric, the drawback there is that I ended up with lots of joins in the border.

I did free-form quilting, for the first time on this project. It involves lowering the feed-dog on the sewing machine and using a darning foot, then meandering over the quilt as spaced out or close together as you want, if the stitching is too close together, it makes the quilt very firm so I tried to space it out a bit. In hindsight I think it's probably a bit too close together. I sort of like this quilting method but I must admit to having difficulty in keeping the stitches the same size. You need to be able to control your work well as you haven't got the feed-dog in place to help you out, and it's easy to let things go too quick and the stitching ends up massive and loose.

I am however, happy with the finished result and glad that it can be a family heirloom, bought out year after year and passed on to my children in the future.

Do you have any special thing that is used only on special occasions? I think putting things away for a while can make you appreciate them all the more when you do use them.

Have a great day, don't rush around too much - take time to enjoy a mince-pie and some mulled wine and take care of yourselves!

S x


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