Baby's First Christmas...

I love this little guy!

It is my sweet little girls first Christmas and we are all so happy she is with us to celebrate this lovely 'family' time of year. She is such a little poppet and brings lots of happiness to us all.  Being such a good girl I'm sure Santa will bring her lots of presents so of course she needs a Christmas Stocking for him to leave her gifts in.

And what a brilliant project to keep Mummy creatively content :-)

So with some lovely turquoise (my new fav colour) festive fabric, my cutting mat and rotary cutter and a rough pattern made from one of the other children's stockings, I patched some squares and quilted a bit then cut out the boot shape.

I used some white felt and turquoise embroidery floss for the heel and toe embellishment....

and crocheted a white 'shell' cuff to the top, to kinda look a bit like fur but not, cos I wanted to get a bit of crochet in there and am very, very pleased with how it worked!

A loop at the top to hang it from....

some little balls to adorn....

and YAY, all done. A gorgeous stocking for my little darling!
Gosh I am sooooo happy with this, I'm giddy with excitement, I'm surprised I have not used more exclamation marks in this post!!!!!!! Bear with me, I just need to do some star-jumps....... that's better, released some excitement :0)

The stitch pattern I used for the cuff is originally from here. The rest is all from MY HEAD.

I now need to do some food shopping but am too scared to venture into the mayhem. My sister-in-law is going at midnight, maybe I will attempt a night-time flit...



  1. This is simply beautiful. No wonder you had to do some celebratory star jumps. Absolutely gorgeous, and will no doubt become an heirloom piece for your little girl to treasure for years to come. Happy Christmas!

  2. Thanks Janet, Happy New Year to you and your family x

  3. I am in love with this! Gorgeous combination of patchwork and crochet!!


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