Baby Circles Cot Blanket

Yay, all done!
I have finished my crochet cot blanket for when my sweet little baby moves into her cot bed. I have already made a patchwork quilt for her and this is to go with it. 
I feel I have been helped by blog-land with this blanket as the inspiration and methods used were all from time spent reading other fantastic blogs, getting tips and ideas.
The crochet circles can be seen all over the place but I liked this one.
I started off making lots of little circles in 5 different colours. I used Stylecraft Double-Knit Special yarn which is a soft acrylic that is very good value. I've always thought of myself as a natural fibre type but after lots of blogging crocheters use this yarn and get on well with it I thought I would give it a try. I ordered mine from Deramores and I know Masons do it too. There are loads of different shades so I just went mad and ordered a variety of colours which will do several projects I have in mind. When my pack of lovely yarn arrived I was then able to pick out the best colour combination that would go with the patchwork quilt, and got to work on the little circles.

In total I made 63 circles and laid them out, spacing the colours evenly as you do and then joined them with a cream joining colour using this method. I really enjoyed working with the joining yarn as it was like crocheting with milk, it was so soft and creamy...

Once all the circles were joined I made a border by this method, using the colours of the circles and then a simple edging to finish off from here

I have to admit I'm very happy with the finished result. It is very soft, with lovely colours (pomegranate my favourite) and goes well with the patchwork quilt.

So thank you to all who's posts I have used to make my project come to life. 

See you soon with my next creation! 



  1. Oh wow, I am a massive Stylecraft fan (budget dictates mainly) and was convinced this was a natural yarn, and I can pick out most of the Stylecraft colours but your selection is so inspired. I have just started my 1st natural yarn blanket, I am loving the different feel, but to be honest Stylecraft is fine, your blanket for your little girl is just stunning. Fiona


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